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While the Teen Mom 2 fanbase has had their eyes fixated on Jenelle Evan’s divorce drama, and Leah Messer’s potential involvement with a cult, drama has been quietly brewing for Kailyn Lowry. First, rumors began swirling that the mother of three was pregnant again. Then, it was revealed that the potential father of the rumored baby has a warrant for his arrest after violating the terms of an order of protection. Whether Lowry is pregnant or not, it sounds like she has a lot of drama to get under control.

Chris Lopez violated an order of protection

Chris Lopez, who has mostly shied away from the cameras since he fathered a child with Lowry, is a wanted man. According to The Ashley Reality Roundup Group, a warrant was issued for Lopez’s arrest on Jan. 14, after he violated an order of protection. It is not known if he’s been picked up by Delaware police just yet, though. While the police did not issue further details about the warrant, it can be assumed that it stems from the order of protection taken out against Lopez by Lowry.

The only order of protection issued against Lopez is the one that was instated back in October 2019. The order stemmed from a series of crazy events involving Lowry. He was ordered to stay away from her at the time that the order was issued. It is believed that the protective order is still in place.

Why was an order of protection issued against Chris Lopez?

While no violent behavior has been filmed on Teen Mom 2, insiders insist that Lopez was arrested twice in October 2019 for becoming violent towards Lowry. The arrests are believed to be what eventually led to the order of protection. Lowry, however, has written extensively about her troubled relationship with Lopez, and it looks like the drama didn’t begin in October 2019.

In Lowry’s book, A Letter of Love, she apologizes to her youngest son for the mess he was born into. The book also revealed multiple occasions of abuse and manipulation. Lowry claims her home was broken into more than one time, incidents she attributes to Lopez. The book was published in October 2018. Lux was born in August 2017. Lowry has not shared what led to Lopez’s October 2019 arrests.  

The warrant after one of Lopez’s family members claimed Kailyn was pregnant

The warrant for Lopez’s arrest was issued just one day after one of his family members allegedly outed Lowry as being pregnant. A woman named Heather, who is reportedly Lopez’s aunt, took to Instagram to share a sonogram photo. She claimed the picture belonged to Lowry. Lowry has chosen not to respond to the rumor. The Instagram profile that shared the sonogram photo has now been set to private.

According To The Hollywood Life, Lopez’s aunt leaked the photo as retaliation. She is allegedly the same aunt who spoke on camera about Lowry and Lopez both needing to learn to be adults for the sake of Lux, the 2-year-old the former couple shares.  Lopez and Lowry have had a rocky relationship ever since Lux was born. Fans have long suggested Lopez was a deadbeat father, but according to Ok! Magazine, the former flames have 50/50 custody of Lux, or, at the very least, they did before the order of protection was filed.