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Jenelle Evans will need to halt her social media posts about David Eason’s child abuse case. According to an alleged insider, a judge is set to sign a gag order preventing the former Teen Mom 2 star from discussing her eldest son, Jace Evans, his current custody arrangements and health, and the charges against her husband, David Eason. The news comes after Jenelle and David were seen heading to court to deal with the child abuse charges that were filed after Jace Evans ran away and accused David Eason of assaulting him. 

An insider claims a judge has signed off on a gag order 

Jenelle Evans won’t be talking about her son’s living arrangement or his court case if a judge has anything to say about it. An insider spoke with the U.S. Sun and said that Jenelle, David, and other parties involved in the case will be under a gag order. 

According to the insider, a judge has banned Jenelle Evans, David Eason, and others from discussing the facts of Jace’s case. The decision was made when it became apparent that Jenelle’s social media posts were upsetting the teen. Jenelle has spent the weeks since Jace was removed from her custody siding with Eason. She has also been speaking out about aspects of Jace’s life that should remain private. Social media followers have lambasted the former reality TV star for her poor treatment of Jace, her total lack of concern for her eldest child, and her need to overshare on social media.

The U.S. Sun confirmed the pending gag order by contacting Andrew Lewis. Lewis, Jace Evans’ biological father, told the publication that he could not speak on the matter due to a gag order. Lewis, who appeared briefly on Evans’ episode of 16 and Pregnant, has had no contact with Jace. 

Who has custody of Jace Evans now? 

Jace Evans, who spent much of his young life in the care of Barbara Evans, was moved to his mother’s house in March 2023. Following the move, things seemed to be going well for a few months. In August 2023, Jace was reported missing. Initially, Jenlle claimed her son wandered off after a disagreement over poor behavior at school. He was returned to his mother without incident within hours. That wasn’t the last of the teen’s runaway saga, though. Several more runaway reports were filed over the next several weeks.

Barbara Evans and Jenelle Evans walk across the street in Los Angeles, California in 2015. The mother-daughter duo have a rocky relationship
Jenelle Evans and Barbara Evans | KeithJMA/Star Max/GC Images

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Post Cryptic Social Media Updates as Jace Evans Goes Missing in North Carolina Again

After one runaway attempt, Jace told police that he escaped his mother’s home after his stepfather, David Eason, assaulted him. Following the accusations, Eason was charged with child abuse, and Jace was removed from the house. He was placed back into the care of his grandmother, Barbara Evans. 

The placement only lasted a few weeks. Following a disagreement over a cell phone, Jace also disappeared from Barbara’s home. It’s unclear where Jace is currently housed. Rumors suggest the 14-year-old may have been hospitalized before being placed in foster care.