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Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin were married for two years. Lowry has said in recent years that she rushed into her marriage to Marroquin but, at the time, she said she really loved him.

Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry | Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for WE tv
Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry | Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for WE tv

In her 2014 book, Pride Over Pity, Lowry writes about a challenging time in her relationship with Marroquin. It was when he was attending training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. The couple had to do long-distance with minimal communication or contact for three months, and Lowry struggled.

When Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin were long-distance

“While Javi and I were making it through on the little communication we had, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at girls who cried over not seeing their boyfriends for a day or two. Try going months and never seeing his face. Not having the one loyal person who loved me and made me the happiest girl around, taught me the value of a simple call or even to have a night in with your loved one,” wrote Lowry of her time apart from Marroquin.

But Lowry’s used to being along and fending for herself (and Isaac). So she knew she could make it through this phase in her life.

“It made me resort back to everything I was used to when I had been surviving solo. How I fared on my own reminded me that I did have the strength to keep going.”

However, things got harder before they got easier.  

“The five-minute phone calls were never satisfying as I hoped they would be. Really they were just a reminder of my loneliness. At some point, they stopped being helpful at all and I completely lost it. For two days I questioned why I had chosen to put myself through such torture. I was young, but I was also a mother. Why didn’t I choose someone who would be able to be around? Being in a long distance relationship was a test I had never taken. So far, I felt like I was totally failing. I wasn’t just questioning a relationship but a marriage and I wasn’t sure how to find the answers I needed,” wrote Lowry.

What helped Kailyn Lowry get through that time in her marriage 

But Lowry wasn’t totally alone. She had Javi’s brother to help her through her then-husband’s training.

“Thankfully, Sal, Javi’s brother, was there to help me sort it all out. He dealt it up straight to me, reminding me of all the reasons why I was married to a man living over a thousand miles away from me. It wasn’t ridiculous. The sacrifice made all the sense in the world when I heard it from someone else. I just needed reminding,” she wrote.

Lowry continued: “The love hadn’t disappeared. Javi wasn’t here but the feelings were still strong. I just needed a little bit of a push to keep me going to the end.”

In December 2015, Lowry filed for divorce. Today, she is single and the mother of three children (one of which she shares with Marroquin).

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