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Tempers ran pretty high last night on the first installment of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special. While all eyes have been on Jenelle Evans in the wake of her very public firing, then meltdown on the set, Kailyn Lowry is a little peeved, too. The mother-of-three took to Twitter to air a grievance she has with Dr. Drew, and fans are just now realizing what Kail’s problem is all about.

Why is Kailyn Lowry mad at Dr. Drew?

Lowry, the 27-year-old mother of three, has a bone to pick with Dr. Drew. She took to Twitter to let fans know she absolutely hates when people refer to her kids as half-siblings. While they may technically be half-brothers, there is a negative connotation attached to the term. Lowry seems to feel like the designation suggest the three boys are not actual brothers, but they are growing up together as such and she sees no reason to make the distinction.

The Twitter comment came shortly after the airing of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special. During the special Dr. Drew called Lowry’s boys half-brothers multiple times, which fans believe prompted the Lowry to sound off on Twitter.

Half siblings are siblings that share just one parent. Lowry’s boys share the same mother but have different fathers. Several of the moms featured on the show have children that are half-siblings. Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer, Jenelle Evans, and Briana DeJesus all have children that do not share the same father.

Who are the fathers of Kailyn’s kids?

Kailyn Lowry rose to fame when she appeared on 16 and Pregnant nine years ago. At the time, Lowry was working through some serious relationship issues with the father of her oldest son, Isaac. Lowry shares the 9-year-old boy with Jo Rivera. While the pair had a difficult time finding a good parenting rhythm, they’ve recently come to a good place in their relationship. Rivera also has a daughter with his wife, Vee.

Lowry’s second son was born in 2013. Now five Lincoln Marshall enjoys a good relationship with both his mother, Lowry and father Javi Marroquin, but things weren’t always great between Lowry and Marroquin. Following their divorce in 2017, Marroquin dated Briana DeJesus, Lowry’s co-star. The pairing caused so much turmoil that DeJesus and Lowry came to blows at last years reunion special.

Lowry tried to keep her relationship with Chris Lopez secret, but it wasn’t long before the pair were expecting a child together. Lux Lopez was born in 2017, and the couple’s drama has been ongoing since. Fans even think Lopez is flirting with Lowry via Twitter in recent weeks.