‘Teen Mom 2’: What Really Happened When Kailyn Lowry Met Her Dad

Kailyn Lowry’s father had been out of the picture for as long as she could remember. But when she was pregnant with Isaac, she went to go meet him.

The meeting didn’t live up to her expectations.

Kailyn Lowry | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Kailyn Lowry | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Since Lowry was a young girl she’d held onto one story her mom told her about her dad, believing it revealed a glimpse into his true character:

“From what I was told, I was a very sick baby, run down by pneumonia. Instead of taking me to the doctor as was planned, my mother says that my dad whisked me away from Pennsylvania to Texas to raise me on his own. He did take me to the hospital once we arrived, but my mother came after him with detectives and lawyers and eventually got me back,” Lowry wrote in Pride Over Pity.

“Although my mom claimed that it was his controlling nature that led him to that plan of action, knowing that he had at least attempted to raise me on his own made me believe that my father was more than just a deadbeat dad,” she continued.

How Kailyn Lowry met her dad

One day, the reality star logged onto Facebook and saw that she had a message from someone she didn’t recognize. It was her father’s sister, Beth, and she wanted to meet Lowry.

Lowry agreed to travel to Texas to meet both Beth and her dad, but she was nervous.

“Although I had always felt let down by my father for never being around, now I worried that I was the one who would be a disappointment to him. If he found out I was pregnant, would he still want to know me? Why would anyone want to enter my life at such a hectic, crazy time?” she wrote of her thoughts at the time.

MTV, of course, went along for the ride. But Lowry didn’t mind.

“It was actually very reassuring to have the MTV crew with me because it felt like they were a protective backup team, ready to swat my dad away if things went awry,” she wrote.

Kailyn Lowry’s dad wasn’t what she expected

When Lowry met her dad at the airport, he didn’t look how she had pictured him.  

“Sifting through the crowd at the airport, I had an image in my head of a strong, tall man who would appear nervous and uneasy but still confident and strong. Instead, the man who greeted me had a mullet, missing teeth, and was at least a foot shorter than I thought he would be,” she wrote.

As Lowry and her father got to talking, she noticed some inconsistencies in what he’d told her prior to meeting and what was reality.

“Supposedly, he held two associate’s degrees, yet I don’t know if he had a job. He used to be a Marine and a bull rider, but he was absolutely out of shape with no trace of his former military self. It seemed to me that he had let himself go to the point of no return,” she wrote.

Lowry continued: “He had told me he lived in a cozy two bedroom house, but the home he brought me to turned out to be a little shack.”

The last straw

The first morning Lowry and her dad spent together, her father asked her to borrow some money for breakfast.  

“The next morning’s Dunkin Donuts run should have been a decently cheap breakfast that he could treat me to, but when my dad asked me to borrow a twenty, I realized I was buying. Bumming money off of me, his pregnant teenage daughter, was the last straw in the haystack for me,” she wrote.

But what really hurt Lowry were the comments her father made about her being pregnant.  

“He was adamant that if he had been around, I wouldn’t be pregnant. I understood his sentiment toward my circumstances, but I felt he had no right to judge. Raymond [Lowry’s father] hadn’t been around for my childhood. He wasn’t there for me as I messed up my teenage years,” she wrote.  

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