‘Teen Mom 2’: Why Was David Eason Seen Sporting His Wedding Ring?

David Eason took to Instagram to share a photo with his fanbase. In the picture, eagle-eyed followers spotted something a bit strange. It appeared as though Eason was sporting his wedding band. The father of three is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce from former Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans. So, why exactly was Eason wearing his wedding band? Don’t worry; the couple hasn’t reconciled. David has a perfectly acceptable explanation for his ring finger bling.

Why was David wearing his wedding band?

Eason’s ring finger might have been of interest to followers, but he isn’t planning to win back his soon-to-be-ex anytime soon. Instead, the ring was on his finger because the photo was an old shot. Apparently, Eason merely liked the picture he found and decided to add it to the ‘gram. In fact, if you look closely at the photo, you can tell that it’s clearly an old snapshot.

According to The Blast, several fans pointed out the time discrepancy in the photo. In the picture, snapped in Washington D.C., Eason is wearing a tee-shirt, and the trees are in full bloom. Washington D.C., while it doesn’t traditionally get as cold as more northern locals, still has a chilly winter season. There is no way one would be comfortable in just a tee-shirt during the height of winter.

The photo was likely taken during one of the trips Eason took with Evans to the nation’s capitol when their children were removed from their home. The couple was lambasted for fans for their decision to vacation after CPS removed three children from their care. The trips occurred over the summer, long before Evans filed for divorce.

Fans question the timing of the photo regardless

Even though Eason has a perfectly reasonable explanation for his finger adornment, followers are questioning the decision to post the picture when he did. The post comes just as rumors are swirling that Evans is currently romancing a new man. Eagle-eyed fans spotted Evans on the Instagram Story of a man from Massachusetts on Dec. 30.

It’s unlikely that Eason hasn’t heard the recent rumors. While Evans hasn’t admitted to a new relationship just yet, and some fans believe the potential courtship is already history, the timing seems weird. Eason doesn’t seem too broken up by the end of his marriage. He has insisted that he never loved Evans and that he and his daughter, Maryssa Eason, are perfectly content without her in the home. He could, however, just be trying to save face. After all, Eason has long been concerned about public perception, and having Evans leave him after all of the bad press surrounding the death of Nugget, can’t feel good.

When are Eason and Evans set to face off in court next?  

Eason and Evans are still going forward with their divorce, at least it seems that way for now. The former couple was last in court in November 2019, according to Ok! Magazine. During the proceedings, Evans’ restraining order against Eason was extended into the new year. Eason reportedly had hoped to have the order lifted before the holidays, but a judge seemed to believe Eason was still a threat to his former love.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason pose at The Planet Hollywood Valentine's Wonderland in 2019
Jenelle Evans and David Eason | Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Eason was desperate to have the order lifted so he could see his daughter, Ensley Eason, for Christmas. That reportedly didn’t happen. The couple is set to face off next on Jan. 13 in Nashville. The judge could choose to extend the order of protection further at that time. The order currently covers Evans and her two children, Kaiser Griffin, 5, and Ensley. It is not known if Evans’ eldest child, Jace, is also included in the order of protection. He does not currently live with his mother.