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MTV’s Teen Mom franchise holds some of the network’s most successful shows. The ladies of Teen Mom 2 have been on their show for almost a decade, and since then, they’ve seen some serious pay increases. But how much do the women of Teen Mom 2 make per year?

Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry
Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion | Teen Mom via Instagram

The women were reportedly paid $5,000 for ’16 and Pregnant’

When these women started out on MTV’s once-popular 16 and Pregnant series, they weren’t worth nearly as much as they are now. Amber Portwood, who stars on Teen Mom, revealed that she was only paid $5,000 to appear on her 16 and Pregnant episode. Of course, at the time, the women were only appearing on one episode, and they weren’t household names the way they are today. It’s assumed that Portwood’s payment for the show reflects the payments for the women on Teen Mom 2 as well, since it was probably one flat rate per teenager’s episode.

MTV has always wanted the women to keep quiet about their salaries

When it comes to salary, MTV is a hard nut to crack. It seems that official salaries for MTV stars are difficult to find, and that could be because producers want the stars to remain as quiet as possible about how much the stars are making. On Teen Mom 2, there is some evidence the women have a lot of money. Kailyn Lowry just announced she’s building a custom home, and all of the women drive nice cars. However, in contrast, it’s not as though any of the women are hiring nannies or sending their kids to boarding school. (It’s unclear if MTV contractually asks that the women live normal lives for filming, but we wouldn’t be surprised.)

The cast of ‘Teen Mom 2’ has been with MTV for almost a decade

Briana DeJesus reportedly only made $20,000 for her first season of ‘Teen Mom 2’

Briana DeJesus was the most recent mother to join the show, and she hasn’t spent nearly as many seasons in front of the camera as her co-stars have. DeJesus was on 16 and Pregnant and then was cast for Teen Mom 3, but when that series didn’t take off like the others, the show was canceled. Later, she was brought on to Teen Mom 2, but she was reportedly only paid $20,000 for her first season back in 2017, when the other girls were making six figures at that point. The producers said DeJesus’ salary was assessed fairly, since she hadn’t appeared on the show for as long and wasn’t as famous as the other women. She certainly makes more money now, but it’s unclear how much.

Jenelle Evans’ $400,000 salary was recently revealed in court documents

People speculated for years how much money the cast makes. But Jenelle Evans just made it clear when she was required to name her salary in recent court documents. Evans’ husband, David Eason, was in court for allegedly not paying all the money he owed in child support to his ex, and he and Evans both revealed their 2018 salaries in the documents. Evans pulled in $400,000 last year from the show, and it’s assumed the other Teen Mom 2 stars made just as much.

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