‘Teen Mom’ Star Devoin Austin Planning to Propose to Girlfriend Jazmine Williams

Teen Mom 2 supporting cast member Devoin Austin has had a better co-parenting relationship with ex Briana DeJesus, but the two still have frequent arguments. When he joined her at Family Reunion in hopes of learning communication tools, the Florida native revealed plans to propose to his longtime girlfriend.

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Devoin Austin revealed plans to propose to Jazmine Williams during ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion’

After Briana DeJesus helped patch things up between her co-stars Ashley Jones and Jade Cline on Family Reunion, the Teen Mom 2 regular noted she wanted to work on her communication with an ex, Devoin Austin.

The two share a 10-year-old daughter, Nova, and have had difficulty getting on the same page when it comes to co-parenting their child.

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Therefore, she called him to join her at the resort for a counseling session with life coach Cheyenne Bryant. He agreed, noting he had something to tell her.

Briana and her sister Brittany theorized that the news had something to do with a pregnancy, but Devoin revealed plans to marry his longtime girlfriend, Jazmine. The Teen Mom star seemed relieved he wasn’t expecting another child and expressed happiness for him.

Devoin has dated his girlfriend Jazmine since 2014

Following the Teen Mom 3 cancellation in Dec. 2013, Devoin met Jazmine Williams on social media, and direct messages eventually progressed into a romantic relationship between the two.

Although it’s unclear exactly when they began dating, they identified themselves as a live-in couple during an Apr. 2014 arrest for possession of marijuana. Not much is known about Jazmine as they have kept their relationship under the radar, but it seems she has met Nova and doesn’t have kids of her own.

The couple took a PDA-filled vacation to Miami in Feb. 2021, where they were captured kissing and holding hands. Jazmine hasn’t appeared on Teen Mom during their seven-year relationship yet, for which Devoin has called out MTV.

Commenting on a May 2021 post that announced Briana’s engagement to Javi Gonzalez, he questioned why the show hadn’t included his girlfriend as they’ve dated throughout his time with the franchise. It’s unclear if Devoin has proposed yet, as Jazmine didn’t appear in the episode.

Devoin joined the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise in 2013

In 2012, Briana was featured in MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, which showcased her getting pregnant at the age of 17 by Devoin. He showed up to watch his daughter be born, but Briana accused him of leaving to play basketball, resulting in her leaving him off Nova’s birth certificate.

In 2013, they joined the cast of short-lived Teen Mom 3 until its cancellation after one season. Four years later, Briana returned for Teen Mom 2 in 2017 for season 8 while pregnant with her second child Stella.

Her storyline followed her attempts at involving the father, Luis Hernández, in the youngest daughter’s life and her strengthening relationship with Devoin. He became more active with Nova and developed a strong connection with Stella, often taking both girls with him.

Even so, he and Briana have continued to argue as she feels he’s inconsistent. The two attempted to hash out their communication issues during the Jan. 25 episode of Teen Mom: Family Reunion. However, the conversation took a turn when he demanded she retracts statements regarding him leaving Nova’s birth to play basketball.

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