‘Teen Mom’ Fans Aren’t Sure If Farrah Abraham’s Meditation App Is a Joke After She Posted a Strange Video

Farrah Abraham has always tried to diversify her streams of income. Her entrepreneurial spirit is part of what got her removed from Teen Mom. Since her departure from the franchise, Abraham has earned money in a variety of different ways. She has had a career in porn and adult entertainment and appeared on a number of other shows like MTV’s Ex on the Beach.

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | JC Olivera/Getty Images

Recently, Abraham has been promoting her new meditation series, Farrah is My Spirit Animal. But after she posted a recent video on Instagram, fans are wondering if the whole series is just a joke.

What is Farrah’s meditation app?

Abraham has been hinting at her new meditation series for a while and earlier this month, it finally went live.

“Tell me what my shirt says? … +Add me on @soundcloud ALL NEW MEDITATION 🧘‍♀️ SERIES IS HERE! 🦋•FARRAH IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL• 🦋“MOM’S TIME OUT” 🐻, “KID’S ONLY”,🐘 “SINGLE LADIES” & 🦚“MOURNING RITUALS FOR THOSE WHO LOST LOVED ONES,” she wrote in a post announcing the launch of the series. “With the world changing daily, a lot going on in our world 🌎 I hope to guide, inspire, strengthen & show self love to you! More to come & thank you for sharing this to your family, friends to lift up their day every day. YOU ARE KIND • YOU ARE SPECIAL • YOU ARE BRAVE.”

If you do happen to click the link in Abraham’s bio, you’ll be taken to a number of different products. The reality star’s meditation series includes a version that is just for children, one for mourning, grief and bereavement, one for single women, and one for moms.

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Why do fans think the app is a joke?

In a new video, Abraham did a voice-over montage that had fans wondering if she was serious about meditation.

“The longest day of the year!” she captioned the video. “It’s officially summer!!!! What a day & it’s been the best with family, friends & taking time for me 🤗My meditation series I had to share on here it’s my mood 🦋🌎🙏🏼 enjoy & be safe this summer.”

The video shows Abraham lounging by the pool, walking around, and her daughter playing with friends.

“It’s normal to take time for you,” the voiceover starts. “Taking time for you is healthy. You’re a strong mom. You can achieve all you put your mind to. “I’m so proud of you. Keep going. There’s a thought that isn’t great. Let’s remind ourselves, we can train our brain so let’s retrain our brain. Now, let’s zone out.”

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Fan reactions

People weren’t really sure what to make of the stilted dialogue in Abraham’s voiceover.

“Is this a parody?” one person commented. “Why didn’t Sophia get credit for filming the video?”

“That voice is anything but soothing,” another person wrote.

“Is this for real,” another viewer said.

Others made fun of quotes from the video.

“‘There’s a thought that isn’t great,'” one fan wrote. “I imagine she has a lot of that going on in her life.”

“Yes train your brain with nothin, lol,” another person said.

Despite all of her naysayers, Abraham has continued to promote her series.