‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Says She Was Offered a Shocking Amount of Money to Do This

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham reportedly made a lot of money as a result of appearing on the hit TV show. However, there’s one more way she could have padded her bank account. Here’s what Abraham said she was offered a shocking amount of money to do.

Farrah Abraham said she doesn’t feel like her sex tape hindered her career

Farrah Abraham and Courtney Stodden |Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images
Farrah Abraham and Courtney Stodden |Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Abraham appeared on the Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss podcast. During her interview, she spoke about her career and her sex tape. One of the hosts asked if she feels she has been hindered by having a sex tape, and Abraham said she doesn’t think it had a negative impact on her career advancement. “No. I am so on my own zone, that no one interferes with my goals. People think that you need an agent, people think that you need this. I just focus on my life. Focus on my Godly goals in life. And that’s all that I need and everything happens,” said Abraham.

Farrah Abraham said she was offered money for this 1 thing

Considering Abraham has a sex tape, it’s no surprise part of the interview focused on the birds and the bees. At one point, one of the hosts asked Abraham if she has ever received “high-dollar offers” for sex. As you might have expected, the reality star said she has gotten offers in exchange for thousands of dollars. “Why are we talking about this? Of course, I have,” responded Abraham. Does she entertain the offers? Abraham said she turns the offers down. “I’ve actually just shunned a lot of that.” The host asked Abraham what was the most she has ever been offered, saying he knew of a porn star who was offered $10,000. Abraham said she was offered a lot more money than that. According to her, someone offered to pay her $20,000 for a night of passion.

Some fans think Farrah Abraham admitted to working as an escort

There have been a lot of rumors about how Abraham really makes money. Some Teen Mom viewers think she works as an escort on the side. Every time she goes to Dubai, some of her Instagram followers assume she is on an escort trip. One follower even told others to listen to the podcast because it allegedly confirms Abraham works as an escort. “Everybody go google Farrah Abraham Theo von podcast. Fast forward to about 29:20. She spends almost 3 minutes talking about escorting and even ADMITS that she’s done it,” claims the Instagram follower.

According to Abraham she doesn’t work as an escort. The only thing she admitted is that celebrities and even politicians have propositioned her. When asked if she ever gets propositioned by celebrities, Abraham responded, “Yeah, it’s a majority.” However, she said she doesn’t find celebrities appealing. “ I like a hardcore business guy,” said Abraham.    

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