‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Had a Lot to Say About Her Drug Test on ‘Face the Truth’

It’s been almost a year since Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham appeared on Face the Truth, but that controversial interview still comes up now and then. Here’s what Abraham thought about the results of her drug test.

Farrah Abraham didn’t think Face the Truth had any real truth

Farrah Abraham |Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images
Farrah Abraham |Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

During a 2018 interview with Jenny McCarthy, Abraham discussed her appearance on Face the Truth. McCarthy said she was mad for Abraham because she didn’t think the reality star was being treated fairly. “I was so upset for you,” said McCarthy. Abraham said she didn’t think she got truth from the show:

Did you believe that truth Jenny? Because I was not believing any of the truth that I was getting. And luckily, they gave me a therapist, six months of therapy, after that because I was like ‘Girls don’t be traumatizing me on this.’ I’m a damn good mom.

Farrah Abraham said a blood test proved her drug test results on Face the Truth were wrong

A drug test on a 2018 episode of Face the Truth allegedly found barbiturates (a drug that is a central nervous system depressant) in Abraham’s system. However, Abraham told McCarthy she hadn’t been taking any type of drugs and that the test was faulty.

McCarthy said she felt Abraham was bullied on the show. “I feel like they came at you in a very bullying type of way, overpowering and disrespectful,” said McCarthy. She also said she felt they were trying hard to increase ratings by going after the reality star. Abraham agreed and said she later called her doctor and got a blood test so she could further investigate the results from the show. Abraham said the blood test didn’t find barbiturates in her system. “I take nothing for anything,” said Abraham.

Would Farrah Abraham go back on Face the Truth?

Would Farrah Abraham return to Face the Truth? Surprisingly, the reality star said she would return to the show, even after all the drama that occurred. However, she thinks the show should have a different host—her. “I would definitely go back on the show. I think that I should be the host of the show and really be about facing the truth because that’s what I live my life by,” Abraham told McCarthy.

Farrah Abraham wants to show the world young moms can still do great things

Abraham went on to talk about why she did Teen Mom. She told McCarthy she wanted to be an example of all the things young moms can do. “That’s why I chose to do Teen Mom, [to] show you can do whatever you want. I am taking my daughter across different countries, giving her the world. And I think that’s an amazing success story. I think that’s what Teen Mom should have been about.”

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