‘Teen Mom’: Farrah Abraham Jokes About Why She Got Face Fillers

Teen Mom alum, Farrah Abraham is certainly a polarizing personality who causes all types of controversy. She receives criticism for everything from the way she chooses to raise her daughter, to the risque pictures and videos that she often posts to Instagram and YouTube. The former reality TV star also receives no small amount of criticism for her physical looks. People often feel compelled to comment about her general appearance.

Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Despite the negativity she receives, Abraham has always been candid about the type of work she’s had done on her body. When she was still on Teen Mom, she decided to get breast augmentation because she wanted to feel better about her body. Since then, Abraham has advocated for everything from face fillers to butt implants and injections. In fact, Abraham has often promoted these types of procedures on her social media channels.

Farrah Abraham posts a new video on Instagram

Abraham isn’t afraid to own up to the plastic surgery she’s had done. Nor is he shy about showing off the work. Now, the 28-year-old is making jokes about some of her less invasive procedures. On April 7, 2020, the Teen Mom alum took to her Instagram page to share a video. The video features herself and her 11-year-old daughter, Sophia Abraham, doing a challenge with cookies. The challenge is to put a cookie on your forehead and guide it into your mouth without using your hands or arms.

While Sophia struggles to complete the challenge without her hands, Abraham was successful. In her caption, she joked that her face fillers allowed her to successfully complete the challenge. “This is why I got my face fillers 😋#cookieforacause @sophialabraham loves these new trolls Oreos p.s they have pop rocks in them 💕 add us on TikTok & join the challenge,” the former Teen Mom star wrote.

‘Teen Mom’ fans weigh in on the video

Some people found Abraham’s joke to be highly amusing. “Ahah ha ha you’re too funny that’s why you got your face fillers,” one person wrote. Others were not impressed by the joke and began to voice their opinion that the Teen Mom alum had too much work done. “You look like a bad version of Barbie from Toy Story…a really really bad version..uhh…scary,” one critic wrote. “So much plastic surgery her face doesn’t even move,” another person added.

Other people loved Abraham’s joke because they could empathize with it. One fan of Teen Mom, in particular, said she couldn’t wait to get more work done on herself. “Girl I can’t wait until my place that I go to opens back up. Best surgeons and nurses in houston. I love all of them… I should have got it in February. March was cray… and it’s still cray with corona. So who knows how long it will be. But I totally wish I was baking during this quarantine. ❤️❤️ Soon. Soon,” they added.

While people might not love the way Abraham looks, at least she herself seems to like it. Furthermore, she’s done lots of problematic things since her time on Teen Mom ended. But, joking about her own physical appearance and/or elective surgeries is hardly one of them.