‘Teen Mom’: Farrah Abraham Turns Off Instagram Comments After Taking Daughter to a COVID Super Spreader Event

Farrah Abraham isn’t necessarily one of the most-liked former cast members of Teen Mom. In fact, fans of the show and people in general love to bash Abraham for her antics. Some people believe that Abraham even does things on purpose in order to anger her followers. But on a recent Instagram post, she took away her fans’ opportunity to comment on her actions.

Farrah Abraham and her daughter, Sophia, attend an event at the Beverly Hills Hotel
Sophia Abraham and Farrah Abraham | Tasia Wells/Getty Images for EcoLuxe Lounge

‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham attends super spreader event

Some parts of the world are slowly opening up again amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But even with restrictions easing up, most areas do not allow large amounts of people to gather indoors unmasked. Yesterday, Abraham posted a video of herself on Instagram at an event for Donald Trump. In the caption, she wrote that she brought her daughter Sophia in order to share her values with her daughter.

“Leaving a legacy of giving #womanshistorymonth. There’s so many important things as a mom, a woman to share with @sophialabraham at @themaralagoclub with @bigdogranchrescue #pactact & thank you to the leaders, talents, military, security, sponsors & more who truly showed care for many eye opening sectors that are breaking cycles of systemic injustices and saving lives and improving standards of living for all,” she wrote.

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Showing this to my daughter meant the world; Woman remember men who lift them up, treat them equal, inspire their day, show support, and impact other men to treat women with equality and respect very proud of #donaldtrump president, author,global business man, granddad, and every other title he holds showing no matter how high and historical the successes your path leads to caring for woman & children with equality rather then hiding behind them! That is what woman remember & need ❤️

She also revealed that Sophia got involved in politics as well this year.

“I’m thankful the #pactact was passed to not only help abused and endangered dogs in the USA but also in China & Guatemala and many other global locations,” she wrote. “Thankful @sophialabraham got to sponsor to save lives, see for herself the love and strength of a giving legacy. This brightened our year as we all get back to enhancing our lives and others moving past Covid restrictions.”

Throughout the video that Abraham posted, lots of people were shown packed into the venue, most of which were not wearing masks.

Abraham turned off the comments on her post.

Farrah angers fans by getting vaccinated

Earlier this month, Abraham posted a video of herself at what appeared to be a drugstore getting vaccinated. Some people were upset that Abraham was able to get vaccinated while others have been having trouble getting appointments.

“Wasn’t a vaccine only for first responders and elderly people, not even teachers like me get the vaccine how did she even….” one person commented.

Abraham did not specify which vaccine she received. If she got the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, then she would need to receive a second dose before she could be fully protected. Even if she was fully vaccinated, attending large indoor events with unmasked people would not be recommended at this time.