‘Teen Mom’: Mackenzie McKee Admits She Hasn’t ‘Been a Good Wife’–’I Was Very Heartless’

Teen Mom stars Mackenzie McKee and Josh McKee are getting divorced. While the paperwork has not been completed just yet, Mackenzie says the former couple is no longer wearing their wedding rings. They’re also free to start dating other people.

Josh and Mackenzie McKee at a wedding
Josh and Mackenzie McKee | Instagram @mackenziemckee

Mackenzie told Domenick Nati of The Domenick Nati Show on July 23 that she feels Josh received a “bad edit” on the show. She agrees with many fans that the way he acts when filming isn’t super flattering, which she says “makes [her] look stupid.”

But Mackenzie told Nati that all of their friends and family think Josh is a great person, partner, and dad. She says her ex just doesn’t care about Teen Mom and that he tends to close up when the cameras are around.

Mackenzie McKee thinks she hans’t ‘been a good wife’ to Josh

During the interview, Mackenzie pointed out that Josh receives the brunt of the criticism from fans. The focus is typically on the fact that he cheated on her. But Mackenzie cheated on Josh, too. Additionally, the reality star admits she hurt her ex in different ways.

“I don’t think I’ve been a good wife. I had to figure out how to be a wife at the age of 18 and I was very heartless,” she said.

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Mackenzie is most sorry for how she acted when she was pregnant with Josh’s children.

“If I could take back anything it would be the way I acted when I got pregnant with him each time. I was very upset about it. I would tell him he ruined my life. And he was happy about it. So he never got to enjoy a good pregnancy. And I think I really did hurt him and destroy him a lot with that. Because he just wanted a family. He wanted a normal life,” she said.

While Josh wanted a family, Mackenzie says she “wanted fame.”

“I wanted to be a famous fitness model. I would push him away and I was all about getting my name out there. I didn’t care about Josh or his feelings,” she admits.  

Mackenzie and Josh’s divorce is, so far, very cordial

“If I could go through a divorce with anyone in this world it would be Josh. I know that is the weirdest thing that I could ever say. But when it came to the end and we kind of had to look at each other and say, ‘We destroyed this marriage together.’ And I had to take full accountability for doing just as much as he destroyed the marriage,” Mackenzie told Nati.

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The Teen Mom personality says she and Josh woke up one day and realized that their kids “deserve the best of us,” and that meant getting a divorce.

“So now we’re best friends. I know it’s weird,” she said.

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