‘Teen Mom’: Mackenzie McKee Admits She ‘Wanted Fame’ When Josh ‘Wanted a Family’

Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee wants to divorce her husband, Josh McKee. As Teen Mom fans know, Josh isn’t so sure he wants to go that route.

Mackenzie spoke with The Domenick Nati Show on July 23 and said that she still thinks getting divorced is the right decision, but “that is not the story for [Josh].” Currently, the reality star says the papers haven’t been signed but she and Josh are no longer wearing their wedding rings or living together.

Josh and Mackenzie McKee at a wedding
Josh and Mackenzie McKee | Instagram @mackenziemckee

Mackenzie says she ‘destroyed their marriage’ just as much as Josh

Mackenzie admits that Josh has received most of the bad press throughout their public relationship.

First of all, she feels Josh hasn’t ever received an accurate portrayal of who he is on the show, but that partially is his own fault. The reality star explained that Josh “doesn’t care about” Teen Mom and that the cameras also make him nervous. So he comes off a lot colder than he is in real life. While fans of the show are often quick to tell Mackenzie she’d be better off without Josh, she says their friends and family all believe Josh to be a good partner.

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Additionally, Mackenzie pointed out that the focus is often on the fact that Josh had a one-night stand and cheated on her. But she cheated on Josh, too. She told Nati that she had an affair that lasted several months.

“It was a relationship. So I guess we cheated in completely different ways,” she said.

In the end, Mackenzie says she and Josh “destroyed this marriage together.” She feels she’s just as at fault as he is.

Mackenzie wanted a different life when she got pregnant with Josh

Part of the reason Mackenzie feels she “destroyed” her marriage is that she got married so young.

“I had to figure out how to be a wife at the age of 18 and I was very heartless,” she said.

The reality star says if she “could take back anything” it’d be “the way [she] acted when [she] got pregnant with him each time.” At the time, Mackenzie had different priorities than Josh. She didn’t want to start a family, she wanted to focus on her dreams.

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“I would tell him he ruined my life. And he was happy about it. So he never got to enjoy a good pregnancy. And I think I really did hurt him, and destroy him, a lot with that. Because he just wanted a family. He wanted a normal life. And I wanted fame. I wanted to be a famous fitness model. I would push him away and I was all about getting my name out there. I didn’t care about Josh or his feelings,” she said.

Despite their getting divorced, Mackenzie says she and Josh are “getting along better than ever.”

“I truly believe you shouldn’t chase after or stress about anything because if it’s meant to be it’s gonna happen. If it’s not meant to be with me and Josh then we’re gonna go through a smooth, peaceful divorce,” she said.

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