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Teen Mom fans know that Mackenzie McKee wants to get a divorce. But Josh McKee isn’t so sure.

“I filed and he did not want to sign the papers. So the papers are still not signed,” the reality TV star said in an interview with The Domenick Nati Show on July 23.

Josh and Mackenzie McKee at a wedding
Josh and Mackenzie McKee | Instagram @mackenziemckee

Mackenzie and Josh are not together

But even thought the papers have yet to be signed, Mackenzie says she and Josh are not together.

“We do not have our rings on. If he wants to go be with someone then he has the freedom to go do that,” she said.

Mackenzie told Nati that she spent most of her marriage feeling like she was putting in more work than Josh. Now that she’s the one to want to officially throw in the towel, she’s surprised to find that Josh is hesitant to let go.

Mackenzie would like to move on but “that is not the story for him.” 

Currently, Mackenzie says she and Josh are not living together. But they do spend almost every day together co-parenting. Josh also helps Mackenzie with stuff around their old home.

Mackenzie and Josh are ‘getting along better than ever’

Mackenzie says her split with Josh has, strangely, been going extremely well.

“If I could go through a divorce with anyone in this world it would be Josh. I know that is the weirdest thing that I could ever say. But when it came to the end and we kind of had to look at each other and say, ‘We destroyed this marriage together.’ And I had to take full accountability for doing just as much as he destroyed the marriage,” she said.

All of a sudden, Mackenzie and Josh realized they’d be living better lives and be better parents if they got divorced.

“We were like, ‘We have kids and they deserve the best of us.’ So, now we’re best friends. I know it’s weird. And I’m also fully aware if I get in a relationship and he gets in a relationship, we’re gonna have to respect that. It’s a very odd dynamic that people are seeing,” she said.


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“We’re getting along better than ever,” the reality star added.

Mackenzie gushed to Nati about how great Josh has been throughout the divorce process. She said he’s so unlike the ex-husbands of her friends. According to Mackenzie, Josh wants her and the kids “taken care of,” and he insists that he’ll be the one to “start over.”

“I truly believe you shouldn’t chase after or stress about anything because if it’s meant to be it’s gonna happen. If it’s not meant to be with me and Josh then we’re gonna go through a smooth, peaceful divorce,” she said.