‘Teen Mom OG’: Amber Portwood Refuses to Take Responsibility for Attacking Andrew Glennon

It looks like Andrew Glennon will have a chance to tell his side of the story on Teen Mom OG, and that’s a good thing for him since Amber Portwood seems to be sidestepping blame for the July 2019 domestic violence incident that gripped headlines over the summer. Portwood avoided jail time for the brutal attack and remains an active participant of Teen Mom OG.

What happened between Amber and Andrew?

Glennon and Portwood were residing together in her home with their son James for more than a year when things turned ugly. The former couple allegedly had a heated argument over going to see the fireworks on July 4. Allegedly, Glennon left the house with the couple’s son to deescalate the situation, but when he returned, Portwood reportedly attacked him.

According to court documents, Portwood slapped Glennon and reportedly picked up a machete at one point. Police were called to the residence were Portwood was arrested. Glennon took custody of the couple’s son and even appealed to the courts to allow him to move back to California with the one-year-old. Portwood later filed a petition to block Glennon from leaving the state with James.

Amber Portwood claims her mental health issues exacerbated the issue

Portwood’s battle with her mental health has taken center stage on Teen Mom OG. She has been open and honest about her struggles, and it appeared, before the incident with Glennon, that she was on the right track. Portwood, however, insists that her mental health issues escalated the argument that led to her arrest.

According to The Hollywood Life, Portwood has said that she regrets not leaving the house the evening of the argument and that she reached her breaking point. She went on to suggest that those who struggle with mental health issues have a difficult time controlling their emotions. While the stress of a heated argument may be more challenging to deal with for someone struggling like Portwood, Teen Mom OG followers have voiced their concern about her stance on the subject.

Some fans believe that Portwood is using her diagnosis to shirk responsibility for the incident, and they are not happy about it. While she has not come out and directly suggested she isn’t responsible for her actions, she does seem to want to lay the majority of the blame on her struggles. How that will play out during the upcoming season remains to be seen.

When will Andrew Glennon speak out?

Glennon, who has been mostly critical of MTV following the incident, will apparently get a chance to tell his side of the story on Teen Mom OG. In the wake of the incident, he took to Instagram to share his feelings. Several times he noted that MTV gave a platform to his abuser while attempting to silence him.

MTV producers have spoken directly to Glennon and are now offering him the same platform. Initially reluctant to talk on camera, he recently agreed. It is unknown exactly when fans will see the footage, but presumably, it will happen soon. The newest season of Teen Mom OG will begin on March 17, 2020.