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Farrah Abraham walked away from Teen Mom OG after nearly a decade on the reality TV show, but that doesn’t mean she’s stepped away from the spotlight. The mother of one was good for stirring up plenty of drama on-screen, and it doesn’t look like things are slowing down in that department now that she’s stepped away from MTV. 

Farrah Abraham did admit to using drugs in the past

Back in 2012, while Abraham was heavily entrenched in Teen Mom OG drama, she did admit to using drugs and alcohol to numb the pain of depression. According to Today, Abraham admitted to using cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol to self-medicate her depression.

Allegedly, the drug use started to become a problem around the time that Sophia turned 2-years-old. She also reportedly thought about committing suicide. Abraham insisted all was well at the time, though. While she never said the substance issues were entirely under control, she did admit that she had spoken with a doctor, and was medicated for depression.

Several cast members of the famed MTV show have battled depression and suicidal ideation. Catelynn Lowell has admitted to battling severe depression following the birth of her daughter, Nova. Amber Portwood has also battled a plethora of mental health issues.

Farrah’s drug use was seemingly confirmed on Face the Truth

Back in September 2018, Farrah appeared on Face the Truth. During the episode, Vivica A. Fox invited both Abraham and her mother Debra Danielson to submit a urine sample for a drug test. Farrah seemed less than thrilled by the idea but eventually went along with the test.

When the results were read, the mother of one tested positive for barbiturates. According to In Touch, the reality TV personality denies the use of any drugs, but Fox was careful to note a barbiturate could be prescribed by a doctor. She seemingly did not test positive for cocaine, which seems like the drug Fox and Danielson both thought Abraham would test positive for.

The show got tense towards the end, and Fox even recounted the incident on an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. As It stands, though, Abraham still denies using any drugs, either for prescribed purpose or recreationally.

Is Farrah currently battling substance abuse problems?

While Farrah’s issues were last addressed back in 2018, some fans believe there is a current substance abuse problem plaguing the social media influencer. Most of her Instagram posts are heavily curated. In fact, it seems like the influencer spends the majority of her time jetting around the globe to take risqué photos. The pictures that are a bit more natural and candid, however, have some fans concerned.

Rumors about the Teen Mom cast seem to come and go, but Farrah’s potential drug use appears to be the one with the most staying power. Back in 2017, Radar reported that Farrah was not only drinking heavily but abusing prescription drugs, as well.

Where she is at right now in her mental health remains somewhat of a mystery. While she’s regularly posting online, she isn’t really sharing her personal journey with the public, and that might be the way she wants things.