‘Teen Mom OG’: Mackenzie Mckee Admits That She Forced Josh Mckee Down the Aisle

Mackenzie McKee has had a really tough year. Not only did she separate from her husband, Josh McKee, but her mother and ever-present cheerleader, Angie Douthit, died of cancer after a long and courageous battle. It looks like the mother of three had trouble in her marriage long before Josh allegedly stepped out on her, though. In fact, she once admitted that she forced Josh into marrying her in the first place.

Mackenzie told her sister that she had forced their entire relationship

Mackenzie, in a candid discussion with her sister, said that she truly believes she forced the entire relationship with Josh because she was pregnant with their child. Mackenzie, who appeared on 16 and Pregnant, then Teen Mom 3, seemed to have a pretty rocky relationship with her rodeo boyfriend even before the pair found out they were expecting. When Teen Mom 3 wrapped, the relationship was up in the air.

Mackenzie, however, later resurfaced on Teen Mom OG last year. With a marriage and two more kids, fans had assumed the couple had worked things out. That, however, doesn’t seem to have ever been the case. Mackenzie has admitted that she spent years angry with Josh for not falling in line with her expectations.

Mackenzie didn’t think Josh loved her

Josh is not a man of many words, and apparently, the lack of words once led Mackenzie to believe Josh never really loved her. MTV notes that during the same candid conversation with her sister, Mackenzie admitted that she didn’t think Josh ever loved her, nor did she believe he was the man for her. Teen Mom OG cameras captured the conversation.

In a heartbreaking admission, Mackenzie even claimed she had spent the majority of their marriage unhappy, and that she only pushed to make the relationship official because they shared a child. The couple’s first child, Gannon DeWayne, was born in 2011. After their 2013 wedding, the couple went on to have two more children. Jaxie Taylor, the couple’s first daughter, was born in 2014. Two years later, they welcomed a second son, Broncs Weston.  

Where are the couple now?

The footage that captured Mackenzie’s admission to her sister is pretty old. In fact, it appears to have been filmed around the time that Josh was caught cheating on the mother of his three children. Things have apparently changed recently, and they have reportedly found some common ground.

According to Distractify, Mackenzie and Josh are now actively working on their marriage after attending a counseling workshop. A brand new proposal and a vow renewal have sealed the deal, at least for now. Whether Mackenzie and Josh can make it in the longterm remains to be seen, but it looks like fans are rooting for them.