‘Teen Mom UK’: Are Chloe Patton and Jordan Edwards Back Together?

Teen Mom UK OG stars Chloe Patton and Jordan Edwards were one of the show’s strongest couples until she discovered him cheating on her. After kicking him out, the couple talked about their relationship and seemed headed in the right direction. Are Chloe and Jordan officially back together yet?

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Chloe Patton and Jordan Edwards broke up when she discovered him cheating

In 2016, Nottingham native Chloe Patton debuted on British spinoff Teen Mom UK after welcoming her first child with boyfriend Jordan Edwards.

Only 17 at the time, the two didn’t plan to start their family at that age as they intended to focus on developing careers. The couple purchased their own home as she wanted, but Chloe began dealing with postnatal depression. Additionally, Jordan revealed he had depression and started seeing a therapist.

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The series also follows the pair as she urges him to spend less time on his video games and away with his friends. Their relationship became rocky, and Chloe discovered he had exchanged inappropriate messages and videos with multiple girls.

Referring to him as an “f—— cheat,” she had an emotional conversation with her mother where she explained she found a “hidden folder” on his phone that concealed the conversations. The Teen Mom UK regular admitted reading the contexts made her “feel sick” and caused her to lose trust in him. Clarifying the two were “finished” following the cheating, she packed up his belongings.

The two eventually got back together

After the breakup, the co-parents remained in contact, and Jordan comforted her when her grandfather died. He then went on a vacation with his friends, giving the two space.

The couple talked about their relationship once he returned, and he admitted he wanted her back after previously claiming a breakup would serve them best. She voiced her displeasure in his several vacations, and Jordan noted he didn’t like how much she seemed to nag him.

Following their talk, he stayed the night and began spending more time at the house. Her parents didn’t appreciate the cheating and made sure to let him know, eventually resulting in Chloe having to tell her mom to stop making sly comments.

The two got back together throughout series seven as she referred to him as her boyfriend during a trip with her friend, and he moved back into the house.

Chloe and Jordan are seemingly still together by the end of ‘Teen Mom UK’ Series 7

During a conversation where Chloe wrote down their short-term and long-term goals, Jordan admitted he didn’t see kids in his five-year plan.

On the other hand, she made it clear she wants to continue expanding their family. While he reiterated that he doesn’t want another child in his immediate future, seemingly mainly due to the costs, Jordan noted his mind could change at any point.

Series 7 ended with Chloe picking up a hobby, singing, to gain more confidence. It worked as she had the courage to sign up for an upcoming open mic that Jordan attended.

According to her frequently updated Instagram page, the pair are seemingly still together as they recently posed wearing matching Christmas pajamas with their son. Teen Mom UK is available to stream on Netflix and Paramount+

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