‘Teen Mom’: Mackenzie McKee Reveals What Really Happened Between Josh and Her Cousin (He Wasn’t Just Asking Her for Advice)

Back in May, Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee took to social media to claim that her husband Josh McKee and her cousin were having an affair. She did this, she says, before talking to either of them. She saw her cousin’s number pop up (frequently) in Josh’s phone and assumed they were sleeping together.

Josh and Mackenzie McKee at a wedding
Josh and Mackenzie McKee | Instagram @mackenziemckee

Mackenzie did an interview with The Domenick Nati Show on July 23 and elaborated on what really occurred between Josh and her cousin.

Mackenzie and Josh were not in a good place in their marriage

Just before Mackenzie thought Josh was having an affair, she says they were having problems in their marriage. For one thing, he caught her on Tinder. Additionally, Mackenzie says Josh was spending a lot of time away from their home.

“During this time of roughness, he got obsessed with going fishing. And I knew he was going fishing because I do have my location set on my phone. A lot of nights I would go, and a lot of nights my dad would go. And we inherited my dad’s old boat when my mom passed away. He was just obsessed with being away,” she shared.

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Mackenzie continued: “Anytime we were together I was screaming at him, I was bringing up the past, I was not being a good wife. And it was kind of like we were under the same roof but not together. And, at this point, it wasn’t healthy, we were fighting.”

One day, Mackenzie and Josh got into a bigger argument than normal and Josh said: “I think it’s time for us to be done.”

“He left and moved out. And that’s when I decided to check his phone records,” she said.

Mackenzie discovered that Josh had been talking to her cousin a lot

In Josh’s phone records, the same number kept popping up. When Mackenzie put the number in her own phone, her cousin’s name came up.

“She is a lot older than us and, obviously, my cousin. She cuts my hair, she’s a hairdresser. She does all my family’s hair. She’s cut Josh’s hair for years. We used to always hang out with her and her husband, who are not together anymore. She has a newborn baby. She’s a single mom of three,” Mackenzie said of her cousin.

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After the Teen Mom star realized who the number belonged to, she “went straight to the internet.”

“Instantly, I’m like, this is an affair. I’m writing a status. I’m destroying his name. I’m gonna destroy her name. Obviously, this is an affair,” she said.

That night, Mackenzie spoke with her cousin.

“She showed up that night and was like, ‘It’s not what it looks like. It’s not what it looks like. I would never do that to you.’ And she was crying and saying, ‘You’re my baby cousin, I can’t believe you think I would do that to you,'” said Mackenzie.

Why Josh was texting Mackenzie’s cousin

On Twitter, Mackenzie wrote that Josh had been messaging her cousin because he was asking advice about their relationship. But the reality TV star told Nati that Josh was helping her cousin get “anxiety medicine.”

“So Josh has a brother that’s a year older than him, and he works for him. He has no house, no phone, no car, no money. But he does have drugs,” said Mackenzie.

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According to the Teen Mom personality, her cousin was communicating with Josh’s brother via Josh’s phone.

“She was going through Josh’s phone to get a hold of Caleb to get ‘anxiety medicine,'” she said using air quotes.

Even though Josh and Mackenzie’s cousin weren’t having an affair, she’s still upset at both of them for keeping something from her.

“That was a secret Josh knew about, and his phone was being used to go back and forth. And I was furious. She did show me the text messages. So I was reading the text messages. And that’s a secret they had behind my back. That’s not OK,” she said.

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