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MTV’s 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom series have faced tons of backlash regarding the idea that the shows glorify teenage pregnancy. Many have complained that with all of the opportunities given to the moms, some make bad decisions – including jail time. But, there are just as many success stories out of the bunch and one of them is Lexi Tatman of the Young and Pregnant spinoff. Though Tatman is no longer part of the show, she recently updated fans on her family and career progress. 

Lexi Tatman
Lexi Tatman via Twitter

Lexi Tatman was booted from the ‘Young and Pregnant’ cast for being “boring”

Tatman was a fan favorite of the MTV spinoff.  The small-town teen was introduced to the series in its inaugural season when she was 17-years-old. Tatman became pregnant with her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Kyler Lopez, before the start of her junior year. Lopez struggled to adapt to teen parenthood and played with Tatman’s heart when it came to committing to their family.
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Tatman gave birth to their son, Tobias. Despite the ups and downs of teenage parenthood, Tatman was committed to maintaining a balanced social life while also being a great mom. She continued cheerleading and focused on graduating – while trying to figure out post-graduation plans.  

She did experience judgment from her neighbors in her small town about becoming a teenage mother but kept her focus on her son. Out of the entire cast, Tatman was viewed as being the most level-headed and mature of the bunch. 

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Her knack for keeping drama to a minimum is what allegedly cost her a spot on the show. By the third season, a trailer dropped that did not include Tatman. It was later revealed that she was replaced with two new additions to the cast – as another one of her co-stars was promoted to the Teen Mom 2 series.

In Touch Weekly reported in January 2019 that Tatman was replaced because producers deemed her “boring” and not having an “interesting enough” story.

Lexi Tatman has graduated from nail tech school and welcomed a second baby

Tatman did not let being booted from the series affect her. She and Lopez continued dating and raising their son together. She kept fans updated and secretly gave birth to another son, Jay, in August 2019. She opted to keep her second pregnancy private after giving birth on television the first time around.

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Young and Pregnant viewers watched Tatman as she figured out post-graduation plans. She had dreams of attending mortuary science college and even took up a job at a local funeral home where she was the mentee of the funeral home director. Things fell apart with her job at the funeral home after the director came under investigation for an alleged organ and body harvesting scheme. 

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Tatman did not let the investigation deter her and changed her plans. Always into the beauty industry, she decided to go to a program to become a nail technician. She recently graduated and though she opted not to attend the graduation ceremony for personal reasons, she celebrated at home and shared her success with her fans on Instagram.

“I’m proud to say that I have completed nail school and officially am a certified nail tech,” she captioned a post on Instagram. 

Congratulations to Tatman and her family on their success!