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Teen Mom stars are no stranger to drama as raising a child is not easy, especially when a parent is considered legally to be a child as well. The cast of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant have also opened up about their woes. For the upcoming season, Kayla Sessler is showing viewers more of the drama between her and her ex, who she considers to be a deadbeat father

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Kayla Sessler accuses Stephen Alexander of being a deadbeat father

Sessler and Alexander’s relationship faded out quickly after she discovered she was pregnant with their son Isaiah. Alexander was verbally abusive toward Sessler and her mother. Since Isaiah’s birth, he rarely spent time with him and complained that he can’t contribute financially because he makes minimal money. But Sessler says he just doesn’t put forth much effort.

She recently accused Alexander of being a deadbeat father during an Instagram chat with fans. 

According to her, Alexander has not seen their son in nearly two years. Sessler told a fan who asked if her son Isiah and Alexander are in contact. “Remember the scene last season where I took Izaiah to the park to meet Stephan? Yeah, that was the last time. I was still pregnant with Ariah and Zay was only one.”

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Furthermore, Sessler alleges Alexander remains missing in action for their son but contacts the show’s production about filming and his payment schedule.

Per a report from the U.S. Sun, Sessler says Alexander is supposed to pay monthly child support of $40. But she says he’s only paid $11 since the order has been in place. That doesn’t mean he isn’t bringing in money.

“He tried to pop up,” she told a fan about Alexander allegedly wanting to film for the upcoming season. “Didn’t send me a single text to check up on ‘his son’ but he sure texted production.”

Kayla Sessler and Stephan Alexander’s mother nearly come to blows

Sessler doesn’t have a good relationship with Alexander’s mother either. During a reunion special, the two women got into a verbal war after Alexander’s mom called Sessler a “dummy.” She also accused her of not allowing her to see her grandson because of their issues.

Things will escalate to a near-physical level in the upcoming season when the women come face to face after not seeing each other for several years. The disagreement stems from Alexander’s mother being upset with Sessler over not receiving an invitation to Isaiah’s birthday party.

Source: YouTube

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An altercation ensues when Alexander’s mother calls Sessler a “b–ch.” Alexander’s mother attempts to lunge at Sessler before being held back by MTV security.

Sessler is shown nearly falling to the ground while yelling at the woman that she lacks class and cannot believe she tried to fight her. In retaliation, Sessler throws money toward Alexander’s mom as payback for the “cheap clothes” the grandmother says she purchased for Isaiah. 

It’s unclear if the women are currently at any sort of resolution. But, Sessler doesn’t identify Alexander as Isaiah’s father. Instead, she says her boyfriend and the father of her second child, Luke as Isaiah’s father. 

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant returns September 7 on MTV at 9 pm EST.