‘Teen Wolf’ Star Colton Haynes Claims He Will Never Date Again – Would Be Dead if He Hadn’t Come Out

MTV‘s Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes recently said he’s done with dating and is happier being alone. He recalled getting into what he referred to as a “knockdown” fight with a friend over his dating status.

But he’s happier now, especially after coming out as a gay man. Adding, that coming out essentially saved his life.

Colton Haynes said he has no plans to date any time soon

“I don’t know if I’ll ever date again. I think I’m better alone,” he said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. “And I had a whole knockdown drag out with a close friend the other day. They were like, ‘You’re not saying that. You’re gonna find someone, you’re gonna fall in love.’ And I was like, ‘You are co-dependent. I’m not co-dependent.'”

Colton Haynes from MTV's 'Teen Wolf' hit the red carpet at the VMS.
Colton Haynes |Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic

“I like being alone and I don’t require another person,” the Teen Wolf star said. “I’ve had relationships before. I’m not the best version of myself in a relationship and I’m not looking for one. And my friend could not understand the idea of someone being alone. And I was like because you’ve never been alone. Or you go crazy when you are alone.”

“That’s not me. And so I’m happier than I’ve ever been,” he added. “I don’t have to smell morning breath, I don’t have to meet friends I don’t wanna meet. I don’t have to talk to family members I don’t wanna talk to. And that sounds great.”

“So for as long as I can foresee, [I’m] single and just so happy about it. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m so tired of trying to convince people that it’s not a defense mechanism,” Haynes insisted.

‘Teen Wolf’ star says he’d be dead if he had not come out

Haynes said he doesn’t know if he’d still be alive if he hadn’t come out as a gay man. “I think everyone’s experience is different, but it’s 2022,” he pointed out. “When it comes to coming out, that facet of it, I think everyone at their own pace should do that.” 

“I think it is extremely hard navigating the industry as an out person, out LGBTQ plus actor, no matter how hard the media loves to try to tell you that things are different now. They’re not.” 

“You have incredible movies at the box office that aren’t getting the respect that they deserve,” he said. “You have actors who aren’t being paid the same as everybody else, even though they’ve been a part of projects for 10 years.”

Mixing acting and your personal life gets tricky, Colton Haynes said

In addition to Teen Wolf, Haynes starred in series like American Horror Story, and Scream Queens. He is happy to be out, but mixing your personal life with work can be “tricky.”

“So many things get in the way when you introduce your personal life in this industry, which shouldn’t,” he said. “But at the same time, not just with being gay, but I think it’s a tricky place going into things like this industry.”


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“You have to know that it is a game,” Haynes said. “Like, what else am I gonna say to get myself in trouble? But I am very happy that I get to still be in this so.” 

“[But] working with the treatment is a lot different for actors than it is for gay actors,” he insisted. “It’s very interesting being a nice person on a set and how you’re treated as opposed to when you work with someone who’s an absolute nightmare, and yeah, the treatment’s different.”