Teenagers Take Over in a New Episode of ‘Superstore’

Warning, this article contains spoilers for the newest episode of Superstore. In “Mall Closing,” teenagers take over Cloud 9 after a local mall closes. While foot traffic in the store increases, no one buys anything. The newest episode of Superstore shows how the Cloud 9 employees try to handle teenagers infiltrating the store.

Superstore cast
‘Superstore’ cast | Chris Haston/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

The local mall closes in ‘Superstore’

The Superstore episode opens with Amy announcing that the local mall is closing. Glenn and Dina celebrate, and in a rare occurrence actually hug. Amy tells the Cloud 9 employees that this is great news for their jobs.

“Oh yeah, the death of retail? That’s great news for our store,” Garrett sarcastically replies.

Amy tries to attract mall customers to the store by giving out free samples and setting up massage chairs and an ear-piercing station. While mall goers come to Cloud 9, no one actually buys anything. Dina explains to Amy that mall shoppers don’t actually buy anything, they just hang out.

Amy’s daughter Emma visits Cloud 9

Dina finds a group of teenagers hanging out by the cafe. When Amy goes to tell them to leave the store if they are not going to buy anything, she sees her daughter Emma in the group. Because she does not get to see Emma often and Emma often acts annoyed with her, Amy wants to let the group hang out in the store.

This causes tension with Dina, as Dina repeatedly tries to get the group to leave Cloud 9. Amy tells the teenagers they can “do whatever” in an attempt to appease Emma. More teenagers show up and begin to trash the store. When Dina attempts to tell the group to leave, they open their phones to record her and tell her they will report her for discrimination.

Jonah tries to help Mateo in ‘Superstore’

While Dina and Amy deal with the teenagers, Jonah tries to help Mateo with money. Mateo refuses Jonah’s help and says he does not want to be someone’s charity case. Jonah then tries to trick Mateo into making easy bets so he can win money instead. This reignites Jonah’s gambling problem, but he successfully gives Mateo money through a simple game of coin flipping.

The teenagers love Sandra

While Sandra is normally picked on by fellow Cloud 9 employees, two teenage girls take a liking to Sandra. Because Cheyenne is used to being liked, she tries to bond with the girls. It backfires, and the girls accuse Cheyenne of bullying Sandra. Cheyenne realizes that she is old, as she does not understand how to bond with people younger than her.

Dina and Amy figure out how to get rid of the teenagers

While Amy’s children are rarely seen in the show, it’s clear Amy is a very caring mother. Dina and Amy ask Cheyenne for advice because she is young, but then the three of them realize Amy is the solution. Incorporating Amy’s loving parenting, the Cloud 9 employees embrace the teenagers’ presence.

In Superstore, the employees hang up signs and banners announcing activities and specials for all teenage guests. Amy gives the group motherly pep talks and Dina mentions holding a seminar on puberty. This effectively drives the teenagers out of Cloud 9.