‘Temptation Island’: Corey Hints That He and Erin Are Back Together Following Breakup at Reunion

Couple Erin Smith and Corey Sobczyk appeared on Temptation Island as she thought he lacked enough confidence to date her. After getting on the island, Erin realized her faults, and they both decided to continue their relationship following the final bonfire. However, she dumped him at the reunion when he lied about his overnight date. Following the episode, Corey hinted they have since rekindled their romance.

Corey Sobczyk in 'Temptation Island' Episode 308
Corey Sobczyk in ‘Temptation Island’ Episode 308 | USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank

Erin and Corey appeared on ‘Temptation Island’ at a crossroads

Former collegiate soccer player Erin Smith previously dated several professional athletes before falling for her boss, Corey Sobczyk. Throughout their two-year relationship, she compared him to her exes, causing him to lose his confidence.

Therefore, she wanted to bring her boyfriend to the island to discover if he’s the man for her. While Erin initially thought Corey needed to figure things out, she quickly realized her faults that led to the relationship’s downfall.

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During her time on the island, the former collegiate soccer player found herself falling for Shaq Urie but sent him home, wanting to work on herself and “resist temptation.”

In the other villa, single Amanda Spain-Butts gave Corey a lot of attention, making him realize he wanted a girlfriend who was scared to lose him as he felt Erin took advantage of him. When they reunited for the final bonfire, she admitted she walked over him because he let her, and he promised to stand up for himself more and open up. Therefore, the couple left the island together.

The two initially left the island together

Even though they walked away holding hands and smiling, the two revealed their relationship got “complicated” when they returned home. Erin admitted she regretted eliminating Shaq and wished she would have opened up and gotten to know him better.

When asked about the tension between them, she explained she asked him several times about his overnight date with Amanda. He claimed nothing happened but then admitted something did shortly before the reunion. Amanda jumped in and insisted the two only slept in the same bed but didn’t touch each other.

However, Shaq claimed that she bragged about hooking up with Corey. While Corey admitted something happened and wasn’t truthful about it, he didn’t clarify what went down but noted he wanted to continue a relationship with Erin.

On the other hand, she felt he didn’t live up to the promises they made each other before leaving the island, so she wanted to “walk away” from the relationship.

Corey hints they’re still together after she dumped him at the reunion

Following the episode, Corey posted a picture holding Erin at a party. He began his caption by complimenting his girlfriend, calling her “kind,” “funny,” and “a great person inside and out.”

The Temptation Island star also noted she “can light up any room” and admitted he was wrong. “Tonight’s actions, whether it be understood or not, were justified. You were right. And I did hide and lie.” He wrote.

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Corey also apologized, ending it with, “Here’s to us continuing our growth and our love through thick n’ thin. I love you.” Although he tagged her, she didn’t “like” the post or comment.

Additionally, she doesn’t have any pictures with him on her page except for a Temptation Island post. It’s unclear if they’re currently together, but his post hints they reconciled after she dumped him at the reunion.