‘Temptation Island’: Kaci Campbell Says Evan Smith Lied About His Mental Health History to Get on Show

A few months after Temptation Island couple Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith split, the real estate agent posted two YouTube videos detailing the breakup. Smith’s ex, Kaci Campbell, came out in defense of Lolar and confirmed her stories about him as he reportedly did the same thing to her. She also noted he lied about his mental health history to get on the show.

Kaci Campbell, Evan Smith on 'Temptation Island'
Kaci Campbell, Evan Smith on ‘Temptation Island’ | Mario Perez

Kaci Campbell and Evan Smith dated for five years

Before appearing on Temptation Island, Los Angeles-based couple Kaci Campbell and Evan Smith knew each other since high school and began a fling shortly before they went to college.

After dating on-and-off for five years, they finally made it official and moved into an LA apartment together. The two dated for another five years before coming to Temptation Island in September 2018 because she wanted him to truly commit, and he desired to prove himself.

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However, he quickly fell for Arlington-based real estate agent, Morgan Lolar. By the end of the month, the former basketball player broke up with Campbell and immediately moved in with his new love.

He then proposed to her only six months later. Almost a year after the engagement, the couple announced they parted ways.

Morgan Lolar revealed details of her breakup with Evan Smith

Six months after the breakup, Lolar posted two YouTube videos accusing her ex of being a con artist, manipulator, and narcissist. She claimed he lied to her about his financial situation and convinced her he was a multi-millionaire who owned various restaurants.

The real estate agent said she paid for everything the entire time they were together because he insisted his family needed his money and would gain access to his father’s trust in 2020.

Five months after the proposal, the Arlington-native found out her fiancé lied about everything and asked him to get a job, pay her back, and attend therapy for his compulsive lying. However, he refused and instead hatched a plan to leave her.

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According to Lolar, she went through his messages and saw that he planned on stealing her ring and then moving to LA to stay with his friend. However, she gave him the benefit of the doubt and agreed to move across the country.

After attempting to take the ring as planned, he claimed he wanted to start working and left her for LA. The real estate agent later drove out there and tried to reconcile, but they decided to end the engagement for good.

Kaci Campbell responded to the videos

Ever since Temptation Island ended, Campbell has attempted to tell viewers the real story about her relationship with Smith. However, many viewers dismissed her because they thought she was bitter about losing her ten-year-long relationship.

After Lolar released her tell-all YouTube videos, fans realized Campbell was telling the truth and apologized to her. She responded to many people in the comment section under Lolar’s video, accepted their apologies, and frequently stated that going to Temptation Island “saved my life.”

The LA-native also took to her Twitter to share that she and Lolar will film a video together to detail their similar experience with Smith. In another tweet, she noted they have been in contact with several other girls who accused the former basketball player of doing the same thing to them. However, it’s unclear if they or their stories will also appear in the video.

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In response to a fan who asked how Smith passed the psychological tests required to participate on Temptation Island, Campbell explained her ex “lied on all his paperwork,” specifically about his mental health history, which caused a fight between them. Lolar thinks the producers also bought into his lies because they dubbed him “bitcoin baby.”

While Smith hasn’t said anything yet, he has deleted his Twitter, limited his Instagram comments, and promised he would also release a YouTube video soon.