‘Temptation Island’: Karl Collins and Nicole Tutewohl Break up After 4 Years of Dating

Temptation Island stars Karl Collins and Nicole Tutewohl dated for two years before appearing on the rebooted dating series. Even though she chose to leave single, they reconnected a few months later. The couple began living together again and recently adopted a dog together. However, after around four years of dating, the reality stars seem to have officially called it quits.

Nicole Tutewohl and Karl Collins pose for 'Temptation Island' season 1 cast photo
‘Temptation Island’ season 1 couple, Nicole Tutewohl and Karl Collins | John Tsiavis/USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Karl Collins and Nicole Tutewohl appeared on ‘Temptation Island’

In 2019, Chicago-based couple Karl Collins and Nicole Tutewohl were featured on the first season of USA Network’s reality dating experiment, Temptation Island.

The pair met at a gym while she was in another relationship, but they got together when she became available. After dating for two years, Nicole wondered if she truly fell in love with Karl as she hadn’t seriously dated before.

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Therefore, they came to the island to see if she could develop a deep connection with someone else. During their time on the show, the couple connected with other singles.

Wanting to explore herself as an individual, Nicole decided to leave the island by herself.

They separated after the show but reunited a year later

Six months after filming, the update showed the two living separately as she moved into her own apartment, and he focused on his music career. Nearly eight months following the update and a year after their split, the couple reunited.

They both uploaded pictures of the same plate of sushi from a restaurant, with Nicole referring to it as “date night.” Shortly later, Karl revealed he and his ex are still communicating while answering questions on his Instagram Story.

Since then, the pair became more obvious about their reunion as they began posting pictures from the same restaurants, gym, and local entertainment center. Additionally, they spent Valentine’s Day 2020 together.

A month later, the pair accompanied other Temptation Island couples such as Shari Ligons, Javi Butler, Kaci Campbell, and Kady Krambeer alongside her boyfriend at the time for a Mar. 2020 ski trip in Colorado. The two went public about their reconnection by posting pictures of their experience together, namely one with them kissing as Karl held her in his arms.

Karl recently said he’s single

Following the vacation, the couple began regularly posting with each other as a fitness couple. They also quarantined together during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Around Nov. 2020, the pair got a dog, Kobe, and she created a permanent Story on her Instagram account dedicated to their pet’s journey and memorable moments.

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However, she hasn’t featured him in any recent videos, and they removed romantic photos with each other from their accounts. In Sept. 2021, Karl announced he’s single and ready to apply for NBC’s The Bachelor.

It’s unclear what led to the split as he didn’t go into details, and Nicole hasn’t acknowledged his comment yet. According to her frequently updated Instagram Story, the dog likely lives with Nicole, even though Karl previously referred to himself as Kobe’s dad. Temptation Island airs on USA Network.