‘Temptation Island’: Morgan Lolar Accuses Evan Smith of Physically Assaulting Her During a Fight

After meeting on Temptation Island, Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith began a relationship and later became engaged. However, they broke up in January 2020 when he left his fiancé for California and allegedly cheated on her. Even though she made it clear they were no longer together on her social media, Lolar finally explained why they broke up in a series of YouTube videos.

Morgan Lolar Evan Smith
Morgan Lolar Evan Smith | Mario Perez

Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith met on ‘Temptation Island’

In September 2018, Los Angeles-based couple Evan Smith and Kaci Campbell agreed to participate in Temptation Island because she desired a commitment, and he wanted to prove himself to her.

However, the former basketball player almost immediately fell for Virginia-based real estate agent, Morgan Lolar. The two were inseparable during their time on the island, and Smith broke up with his girlfriend of five years at the final bonfire.

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They continued dating as he moved in with her and then proposed six months later. The engaged couple seemed happy for several months until Lolar accused her fiancé of cheating on her with 21-year-old Instagram models in January 2020.

They both stopped wearing their engagement rings, letting fans know they ended their relationship. Seven months later, Lolar detailed her relationship with Smith and accused him of being a compulsive liar, narcissist, and “master manipulator” in a series of YouTube videos.

Morgan Lolar claimed Evan Smith manipulated her

According to the real estate agent, he lied to her about his life by telling her he owned several restaurants, accrued wealth in bitcoin currency, and paid for a Hawaiian mansion where his family lived.

After filming ended, Lolar claimed he came up with multiple excuses, so she ended up paying for them to stay a couple of extra days in Hawaii and their trips to California and Virginia.

She said the two had a great relationship until August 2019 when Smith’s mom phoned her mother, saying the former basketball player felt depressed. In that conversation, she exposed her son’s lies.

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Even so, Lolar wanted to continue their relationship because she loved him. However, she told her fiancé to get a job and go to counseling for his compulsive lying. According to Lolar, he agreed to her terms but didn’t follow through.

A couple of months later, the real estate agent found messages between him and his best friend of her fiancé plotting to leave her. The two got into a fight over it and later agreed they would move to California to live with his friend.

On the day they were supposed to leave, Lolar says Smith took off in a rental car without her in late December 2019. A month later, she drove across the country to his friend’s house, but he made her wait outside for hours while he entertained another female.

Morgan Lolar accused Evan Smith of physical assault

According to Lolar, she sat in her car for eight hours until her fiancé came outside. After spending a week with him, she found messages in his phone bragging about having sex with a girl while Lolar waited outside.

Therefore, she confronted him, and his best friend kicked her out of the house. They remained in contact for the next few days, and she eventually came over the house again after he expressed remorse.

The real estate agent claims they got into another fight, and Smith grabbed her phone out of her hands. After Lolar snatched it back, she claims the former basketball player grabbed her by her neck and threw her against the wall before slamming her into the bed.

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She also stated he squeezed her jaw, leaving it sore for a few days. After the argument, they stayed in contact, and Lolar, who also relocated to California, admitted they began seeing each other again last month.

However, he recently went on a vacation to Mexico with his friend and several female Instagram influencers. Therefore, the real estate agent no longer wants anything to do with him.