‘Temptation Island’: Morgan Lolar Claims Evan Smith Tried to Steal Her Engagement Ring While She Slept

29-year-old real estate agent Morgan Lolar and 29-year-old Los Angeles native Evan Smith fell for each other in late 2018 while filming reality dating series, Temptation Island. He proposed in March 2019, but the couple parted ways almost a year later. After six months, Lolar came out with two YouTube videos detailing her breakup and exposing her ex for his compulsive lying, manipulation, and narcissism.

Morgan Lolar, Evan Smith on 'Temptation Island'
Morgan Lolar, Evan Smith on ‘Temptation Island’ | Mario Perez

Morgan Lolar stays with Evan Smith after exposed lies

Before Evan Smith’s lies regarding his “multi-millionaire” status came to light, Morgan Lolar noticed he began acting weird and started causing arguments and fighting with strangers.

After she found everything out, she chose to stay with him out of love but told him to get a job to pay her back and made him go to therapy for compulsive lying. He agreed and seemed so grateful that she didn’t leave him but later refused to follow through with her demands.

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Additionally, he wanted them to move across the country to LA to live with his friend. While the Arlington-based real estate agent had her reservations about living there because it served as an “influencer house,” she was still willing to go.

However, Lolar claims he continually turned it into a fight and kept making excuses about why he needed to head to LA without her.

Morgan Lolar found Evan Smith’s plan to leave her

In November 2019, the real estate agent explained she let her ex-fiancé use one of her phones after he broke his. However, he forgot to turn the old phone off before buying a new one, allowing Lolar to his messages.

One night, she noticed a message from his friend calling her crazy, so she read through their conversation to see what they were talking about. She realized he lied about their relationship and insisted they weren’t sleeping together anymore.

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He also claimed Lolar drained his bank account, the same lie he told her about his ex, Kaci Campbell. Additionally, the real estate agent found Smith’s plot to leave her and steal her ring to sell for money.

The two got into a huge fight about it, but she still planned on moving to LA with her then-fiancé to live with his friend.

Morgan Lolar says Evan Smith tried to steal her engagement ring

After selling everything in her apartment, the couple were packing and going to drive across the country the following day. As Lolar put Smith’s clothes in a suitcase, she began putting some of her stuff in the same one, but he asked her to keep their things separate.

She joked if he planned on leaving her, and the former basketball star turned it into another argument. The following morning, only hours before the two were set to drive to LA, Lolar claims she felt Smith taking her engagement ring off her finger. She woke up and asked what he was doing, to which he insisted he wanted the piece of jewelry to re-propose.

The real estate agent called him out for lying again, and he left before coming back with a rental car he ordered the previous day. Lolar says Smith then took his suitcases and left for LA, leaving her “in shock” and with nothing.

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She stayed with a friend for a couple of weeks before driving to LA alone and without her loved one’s knowledge to fix things with her then-fiancé. After waiting eight hours for him to answer the door, she claims he came out to her car crying and blamed her for not just coming inside.

Lolar stated she later found out that he was hooking up with a random girl as she waited. The couple has since ended their engagement, and it’s unclear what happened with the ring, although it’s safe to assume it’s in her possession.