‘Temptation Island’ Fans Accuse Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith of Faking Their Breakup for a ‘Publicity Stunt’

Ever since Morgan Lolar deleted all pictures with Evan Smith off her Instagram account at the beginning of January 2020, some fans suspected the couple faked a break up for attention or to get cast on another reality show. 

Morgan Lolar Evan Smith fake
Morgan Lolar, Evan Smith | Mario Perez

Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith on ‘Temptation Island’

Around September of 2018, Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith met on USA Network’s Temptation Island. Evan came to the island with his on-and-off girlfriend of ten years, Kaci Campbell, as she wanted him to prove his commitment to her and finally propose.

Even though Evan intended to show his loyalty to Kaci, he almost immediately fell for Morgan, a single in his villa. The two strengthened their relationship throughout the show, and Evan asked Morgan to be his girlfriend, before breaking up with Kaci.

He didn’t even send her a 30-second video explaining he wanted to move on or his connection with Morgan. Therefore, when Evan told Kaci at the Final Bonfire he will leave the island with Morgan, his now ex-girlfriend felt blindsided.

After the new couple stayed in Hawaii for a few extra days, California-native Evan immediately moved in with Morgan, who lived in Arlington, Virginia. Six months later, in March 2019, he proposed to the former cheerleader.

According to their frequent social media updates, the engaged couple seemed happy until January 2, 2020, when fans noticed Morgan wiped all her pictures, including Evan, from her Instagram account.

Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith seemingly break up

Additionally, Morgan removed his name from her bio, deleted her Twitter banner, which featured the couple, and they unfollowed each other on social media. Morgan also started communicating with Evan’s ex, Kaci, on Twitter, which seemed like a dead giveaway the couple had parted ways.

On January 11, Morgan claimed Evan went to California to “work but actually has nightly sleepovers with 21-year-old Instagram models” and ignores her every night.

After the allegations, Evan also removed Morgan’s name from his Instagram bio, and both deleted saved stories of their Temptation Island experience. However, Evan still has his Twitter banner that features Morgan, and pictures, including his possible ex-fiance are still visible on his Instagram account.

Fans accuse Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith of faking the break-up

In a comment on Reddit, a fan accused Morgan and Evan of faking the break up for a “thirsty stunt” with eight points proving the theory. To start, they claimed the “lack of clarification for weeks and passive-aggressive posts” from Morgan is only to get attention because they are “desperate to get cast on other shows.”

Additionally, the user believes Kaci is “being nice” to Morgan because if the former engaged couple goes on Ex on the Beach, the California-native will most likely show up as well.

After Morgan deleted the pictures with Evan but before she accused him of cheating, she uploaded a photo of her hand wearing her engagement ring, with the caption, “If you know you know.”

The Reddit user thinks she never took it off “to get cast on the next Ex on the Beach.” Additionally, the former couple voiced their desire to compete on The Challenge multiple times, and Kaci noted she wanted to appear on The Bachelor. Therefore, the user believes EOTB is their “last resort.”

The Temptation Island fan also noticed Reddit accounts defending Morgan, Evan, and Kaci, and thinks the person is Morgan herself. While the Reddit user might not be correct in all their assumptions, it is worth noting that Morgan tweeted she was “packing my house that I’ve lived in for 5 years” to “drive across the country” on January 4, but then claimed she had been “crying for weeks” over Evan’s cheating on January 11.

Additionally, Evan recently tagged Morgan in the comment section of a picture featuring twin babies. The vagueness of the situation despite Morgan insisting she’s an open person and the misdirect confuses fans and causes them to believe the couple is faking their break up.