‘Temptation Island’: Morgan Lolar Exposes Evan Smith as a ‘Master Manipulator’ in Tell-All YouTube Video

After meeting on Temptation Island, Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith continued dating and later got engaged. However, they abruptly broke up in late 2019. While many thought the two parted ways over his rumored cheating, Morgan released a tell-all YouTube video explaining why he really left her after remaining silent for almost two years.

Evan Smith, Morgan Lolar on 'Temptation Island'
Evan Smith, Morgan Lolar on ‘Temptation Island’ | Mario Perez

Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith broke up

In September 2018, then 28-year-old Los Angeles-native Evan Smith and his then-girlfriend, Kaci Campbell, decided to appear on Temptation Island. After dating exclusively for the past five years, Evan had not proposed and intended to prove himself to his longtime girlfriend.

Instead, he almost immediately fell for 27-year-old Arlington-based realtor, Morgan Lolar. Ultimately, Evan ended his five-year relationship at a devastating Final Bonfire and pursued a relationship with Morgan.

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He moved out of the apartment he shared with Kaci and left to live with his new girlfriend in Virginia. Six months later, Evan proposed to Morgan. In January 2020, after the two had dated for nearly a year-and-a-half, the couple announced they parted ways.

Initially, fans thought they split due to his alleged cheating, but Morgan released a YouTube video revealing what really happened.

Morgan Lolar believes Evan Smith is a con artist, manipulator, and narcissist

The Temptation Island star began her video by stating she’s making it for others who might be in a situation with someone who is a con artist, manipulator, and narcissist without realizing it as she experienced with Evan.

She believes he’s narcissistic because he isolated her from her friends and family and made her codependent on him. According to Morgan, her loved ones realized she began acting differently and tried to have an intervention with her, but Evan convinced her not to listen to them.

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The realtor claims he affected her relationship with her friends and family because he would get angry every time anyone called as he thought they were talking badly about him.

Additionally, Morgan began to realize how he manipulated every situation to “fit his narrative” and “gaslit” herself and other girls on Temptation Island. However, she didn’t see it at the time and sided with him.

Morgan Lolar on why she financially supported him

The realtor explained she didn’t like Evan initially because he “bragged about his accomplishments in life” that all turned out to be lies. For example, he claimed he owned restaurants, traveled the world, and took care of his family, but claimed Kaci would steal his money.

According to Morgan, she began to fall in love with him when he explained how he was the man of the house and provided for his brothers and mom. Additionally, she noted production also believed Evan and thought he was a millionaire, so she saw no reason to doubt him at the time.

Morgan claimed her ex checked his bank account when they got their phones back and immediately accused Kaci of taking his money. Therefore, she paid for them to stay a few extra days in Hawaii, a few days in LA, and then the trip to Virginia.

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He also had a credit card with a worn-down strip and card reader, so the machines couldn’t read it to hide that he didn’t have any money. Morgan stated he promised to pay her back with the millions of dollars he’ll supposedly receive from his dad’s trust fund.

However, he claimed he couldn’t access it until 2020. Ironically, Evan left her on December 27, 2019. She believes he faked the entire relationship with her and admitted the experience had changed her as a person. Morgan will release another YouTube video detailing the rest.