‘Temptation Island’ Morgan Lolar Reveals She’s Lost Weight Amid Split From Evan Smith

After meeting on Temptation Island, Evan Smith proposed to Morgan Lolar six months later. The couple has since parted ways due to cheating allegations, and Smith vaguely took responsibility for the split.

In a recent Instagram Question and Answer, Lolar admitted she lost a few pounds since the breakup but promised she’s currently working on gaining it back.

Morgan Lolar Evan Smith
Evan Smith, Morgan Lolar | Mario Perez

Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith split after a year-long relationship

In September 2018, Los Angeles-based couple Evan Smith and Kaci Campbell arrived at Temptation Island with the intent of leaving engaged. However, Evan quickly fell for Virginia-based real estate agent, Morgan Lolar. He ended up breaking off his five-year relationship and moved across the country into Lolar’s apartment.

Six months later, Smith proposed to Lolar. In late 2019, the couple revealed they were planning on moving to California. Only two months later, the former collegiate basketball player left early and cheated on his fiance by having “nightly sleepovers with 21-year-old Instagram models.”

Lolar then moved across the country by herself in early February 2020 and has since been staying with friend and Temptation Island co-star, Erica Steinhauer.

Since their split, the real estate agent deleted all her pictures with Smith, removed his name from her bio, unfollowed him on all social media platforms, and communicates with Smith’s ex, Campbell, regularly on Twitter.

On the other hand, Smith only deleted a few pictures with Lolar, although he also removed her name and unfollowed her, but didn’t address the situation publicly until nearly two months later.

Evan Smith took responsibility for the split

In a February 22nd Instagram Question and Answer, Smith only touched on the breakup, stating, “Every relationship has its highs and its lows. In all honesty. The lows mostly stem from my end. Working on a whole lot right now. I need it.”

He also said he still has certain pictures with his ex-fiance on his Instagram because he “loves those photos. Why would I delete them?” Another follower asked Smith about his mental health, and the former basketball star admitted it’s “pretty awful” but claimed he’s “taking steps to deal with it.”

Lolar seemingly subtweeted her ex-fiance by tweeting, “Sometimes I feel like I can’t roll my eyes hard enough to express how f*****g ridiculous I think you are.”

Morgan Lolar reveals she’s lost weight amid split

A couple of days later, Lolar had her own Instagram Q&A. Someone asked, “When are you and Evan going public” because “we know you’re back together,” and Lolar responded with a GIF of her looking around confused.

Never getting back together
via Morgan Lolar Instagram Story

Another follower asked for advice on how to deal with a breakup, and Lolar responded by posting and tagging several pictures with her family and friends.

Friends and family
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One observant fan asked if she lost weight, and Lolar admitted she did. “I’ve lost a few pounds, but it’s nothing crazy, as you can see! S**t happens, and sometimes it’s hard to eat!” Lolar also promised she’s currently working on gaining it back, and it’s “nothing to worry about, guys!”

Morgan Lolar weight
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The real estate agent has also struggled with sleeping since the breakup. In a February 15th tweet, she revealed, “I’ve contracted insomnia in 2020. Sucks because sleeping is so fun!” While Lolar didn’t elaborate beyond that, but she “liked” a few tweets from people agreeing and giving her advice.