‘Temptation Island’ Morgan Lolar Reveals She’s ‘Technically Homeless’ After Breakup With Evan Smith

In late 2019, engaged couple from Temptation Island, Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith, announced they were moving from Virginia to California. Allegedly, Evan decided to leave a month early and ended up cheating on his fiance with “21-year-old Instagram models.”

Since the couple initially planned on moving together and living with each other, Morgan revealed she’s now “technically homeless.”

Morgan Lolar Evan Smith
Morgan Lolar, Evan Smith | Mario Perez

Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith on ‘Temptation Island’

In September 2018, Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith met on the first season of the USA Network rebooted reality show, Temptation Island. Even though Evan came to the island with his girlfriend of five years, Kaci Campbell, and intended to prove himself to her, he quickly fell for Morgan.

The former collegiate basketball player then broke up with his longtime girlfriend and immediately moved out of their Los Angeles apartment to Lolar’s in Virginia.

Six months later, Evan proposed to Morgan in a “where are they now” March 2019 Temptation Island special. Then, after nearly a year, the couple parted ways.

Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith broke up

On January 2, 2020, shortly after the two announced they were moving to California, Morgan deleted her pictures with Evan and removed his name from her Instagram bio.

A week later, she revealed her ex-fiance moved earlier to “work” but instead cheated on her with “21-year-old Instagram models.” However, she uploaded a picture of herself wearing her engagement ring to her Instagram story, and Evan tagged her in a post featuring babies.

Therefore, many fans began accusing the couple of faking a break up so they could appear on other reality shows, namely MTV’s Ex on the Beach. Morgan then took to Twitter to debunk the rumors and claimed she doesn’t need to pull a publicity stunt to land another show.

While Evan hasn’t addressed the cheating allegations, he did remove Morgan’s name from his bio, deleted some pictures with her from his Instagram account, and seemingly moved on to a popular Tik Tok star, Brittanie Nash.

Morgan Lolar reveals she’s ‘technically homeless’ after breakup

Even though Morgan and Evan broke up at the beginning of January, she still made the cross country drive to California a month later. On February 4, the real estate agent announced on Twitter that she finally arrived at her destination.

Since then, she’s hung out with a few Temptation Island co-stars, namely Erica Steinhauer. The two spent Valentine’s Day together in a hot tub, drinking Rosé, and eating Taco Bell.

In a February 19 tweet, Morgan said she “gave money to a homeless man” before realizing she was also “homeless.” A follower replied and noted they “figured” Morgan moved in with Erica.

The real estate agent revealed she is currently “staying with” Erica but is “still technically homeless.” Because Morgan and Evan initially planned on moving together, they were going to live together in California.

However, due to Evan’s alleged infidelity, Morgan had to switch gears and moved in with Erica presumably until she can get her own place. According to Evan’s Instagram, he seemingly lives in a house with several other influencers.