‘Temptation Island’ Star Morgan Lolar Under Fire For Retweeing Racially Insensitive Joke

After many Temptation Island fans accused Morgan Lolar of faking her breakup with Evan Smith so they could appear on Ex on the Beach, the real estate agent is now under fire for retweeting a racially insensitive joke.

Morgan Lolar
Morgan Lolar, Evan Smith | Mario Perez

Morgan Lolar received hate after ‘Temptation Island’

In January 2019, Evan Smith met Morgan Lolar in the first season of Temptation Island. He arrived at the island with his longtime girlfriend, Kaci Campbell, and wanted to prove his loyalty and commitment to her.

However, after choosing Morgan for his second date, he ended up falling for the real estate agent. The two then began a romantic relationship on the island, even though Evan hadn’t technically broken up with Kaci yet.

While Kaci watched their relationship form in minute-long clips, Evan did not send her a video explaining what happened between him and Morgan. Therefore, Kaci felt blindsided at the Final Bonfire once Evan revealed he wanted to end their nearly decade long relationship and fully pursue Morgan.

During the six-month update, Evan proposed to Morgan, and some of the TI audience reacted negatively to it. They believed Morgan “stole” Evan away from Kaci and encouraged him to cheat.

Additionally, Morgan vigorously defended her fiance in a way some perceived as hurtful towards Kaci. Therefore, the real estate agent began receiving hate from loyal TI fans who called her racist names, and some even sent death threats.

Fans accused Morgan Lolar of faking her breakup

In December 2019, Morgan and Evan announced they were moving to California. However, a month later, she wiped all her pictures with Evan from her Instagram account and removed his name from her bio.

While fans thought this meant they broke up, she assured everyone she was still moving to California a few days later. Then, Morgan revealed Evan already left for the West Coast for “work” but allegedly “had nightly sleepovers with 21-year-old Instagram models.”

She then admitted she had been “crying for weeks” over it on Twitter. After the accusations, fans spotted her still wearing her ring in other photos. Because of her vagueness despite insisting how “real” she is, many followers began accusing the real estate agent of staging the breakup to get on another reality television show.

Even though Morgan has denied doing anything for a show, a spoiler page revealed a week later that MTV called them for casting for Ex on the Beach.

In the reality series, singles live with their ex and decide if they will get back together or move on for good. Currently, Season 4 is airing, and three former TI stars are on the series.

Additionally, both Morgan and Evan have expressed an interest in competing on MTV’s reality competition series, The Challenge.

Morgan Lolar under fire for retweeting racially insensitive joke

Almost a month after the assumed breakup, Morgan quote tweeted TI co-star Val Osipov, who wrote, “I had an Asian waiter ask me if I want a Corona, nah I’m good fam.”

She added three laughing emojis. The offensive joke referred to the coronavirus that originated in Asia. While a few commented directly on her and Val’s tweet, many TI fans took to Reddit to express how “disappointing” it is that Morgan retweeted it when she has “spoken out about being a victim of racist trolling.”

One user explained these “jokes” are offensive because they’re saying everyone should stay away from Asians, assuming every person of the race has the virus.

Similarly, jokes about Iraqis, “blowing something up” are offensive as it insinuates everyone in Iraq is a terrorist. As of now, Morgan nor Val has acknowledged the tweet.