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Temptation Island is back with season 4 and a new set of couples and singles, except for a returning fan-favorite in a series first. The trailer also teased three hookups and a proposal that will happen this season.

Kate Griffith, Ashley Godson, Ashley Howland, and Esonica Veira sitting down while Dominique Price, Kalaan Brown, Deac Conti, and Kareem Thomas standing behind them
Kate Griffith, Dominique Price, Ashley Godson, Kalaan Brown, Ashley Howland, Deac Conti, Esonica Veira, and Kareem Thomas during ‘Temptation Island’ Season 2 Episode 2 | Mario Perez/USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

‘Temptation Island’ Season 4 features at least three hookups

The trailer kicked off by showing the usual steamy parties that involve lap dances and make-out sessions, with New Mexico-based garden designer Hania Stocker (30) licking body shots off a single. He is later shown getting into a heated exchange with someone, resulting in him storming off, presumably back to his room.

The next time the trailer shows Hania’s story, he’s getting out of his bed after likely hooking up with one of the singles. When viewers see his girlfriend of nearly two years, writer Ash Lamiroult (28), she’s kissing Florida-based fitness instructor Taylor Patrick (25).

They are later seen presumably on a date in an outside jacuzzi, and he’s rubbing sunscreen on her back. Hania tries to win her back at the final bonfire by promising Ash that she can trust him. Additionally, Seattle-based entrepreneur Luke Wechselberger (29) pulls a single on his lap to straddle him as he’s lying down at one point.

Other teased hookups include one in the shower, a couple presumably having sex under the covers, and New York-based personal trainer Lascelles Lagares (27) cuddling someone in his bed. He later admits he didn’t know he would fall in love on the island.

Deac Conti from ‘Temptation Island’ season 2 returns for season 4

The reality show included a single who appeared in a previous season for the first time. Deac Conti returns during an upcoming episode, much to the delight of a presumed Iris Jardiel (26), who greeted him by jumping into his arms.

Immediately after his entrance, the trailer cuts to a confessional, with Iris admitting she’s “scared” of falling into temptation.

During Temptation Island Season 2, Deac, a self-professed “mama’s boy,” attempted to court Ashley Howland. They went on a couple of dates, but she found herself drawn to Ben Knobloch.

In a last-ditch effort, Deac put roses on her bed and wrote a note to show her his interest. However, she spent the night with Ben and later eliminated him. The Florida native seemingly hasn’t found love and has returned, hoping to find a connection.

‘Temptation Island’ Season 4 cast

Again hosted by Mark L. Walberg, the new season follows the four couples and their journey to find love or their way back to each other.

In addition to Hania and Ash, who are going to the island to determine if their relationship can hold up after she moves to Brooklyn, and Ashley Rodriguez (26) and Lascelles, who have gotten “comfortable” after dating for seven years, the show follows Iris and Luke who admittedly struggle with jealousy.


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Finally, college sweethearts Florida-based realtor Gillian Lieberman (21) and customer experience specialist from Indiana, Edgar De Santiago (23), have dated for the past four years, and she wants to make sure they aren’t “settling.”

While one or more of these couples likely won’t make it, the trailer hints at one choosing to take the next step and get engaged. Temptation Island airs Wednesdays on USA Network.