‘Temptation Island’ Star Ashley Howland Apologizes After Backlash From Insensitive Pregnancy Prank

Temptation Island star Ashley Howland upset viewers for posting a five-minute video in which she pulled a pregnancy prank on co-star and roommate Ashley Goldsun.

While some bashed her for making fun of a sore subject, others claim they didn’t care. After defending her video two separate times, Ashley Howland finally issued a public apology.

Ashley Howland
Ashley Howland | Mario Perez

‘Temptation Island’ star Ashley Howland pulled a pregnancy prank

In her latest YouTube video titled, “I’m pregnant,” Ashley Howland started by providing context to the joke, explaining she told roommate and Temptation Island co-star Ashley Goldsun that she thinks she’s pregnant for weeks.

Ashley H. then filmed herself with Ex on the Beach stars Derrick Henry and Darian Vandermark as they came up with a message to send Ashley G. to put “the icing on the cake.”

Finally, Ashley H. showed her friend the fake pregnancy test, who asked what they’re going to do. Once Ashley G. started asking several questions, Ashley H. broke down and admitted it was fake, causing her friend to fall out on the floor. 

‘Temptation Island’ star Ashley Howland defended herself after criticism

Reddit users almost immediately called Ashley H. out for her insensitive joke as it’s hurtful to those who struggle with miscarriages and infertility. Some of them dubbed her “Trashley,” and thought the fact that she planned it for weeks made it even worse.

Additionally, they felt it was incredibly tasteless of her to use the touchy subject as a way to get views and subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Temptation Island Season 1 single, Brittney Rose, also found herself in the same hot water last year when she pulled the same prank for April Fools. After facing backlash, Brittney apologized. On the other hand, Ashley H. did not immediately offer any apologies.

Instead, she doubled down on her “joke” twice. First, she asked people via Instagram story to stop telling her to “go die” as well as “bullying and trash-talking.”

Then, she posted a picture on Instagram with a lengthy caption explaining how “proud” she is of herself for maintaining a “happy, bubbly personality” after all she’s been through in her life.

She continued, “My family does worry about me because of a lot of things they see people comment on my Instagram.” Ashley H. also called herself a “strong individual” and thanked her followers for their “love and support.”

‘Temptation Island’ star Ashley Howland apologized

After receiving more backlash from her defensive posts, Ashley H. uploaded another picture to Instagram of herself, making a heart with her hands, and apologized for the pregnancy prank.

She promised she never intended to hurt anyone with the video, which is currently at 4,000 views, and has since learned why the joke hurt from her followers. Ashley H. ended her public apology by writing, “Again, I’m internally sorry about the video and for letting some of you down. I hope you can forgive me, and if not, that’s okay too. I love you all.”

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I would like to publicly apologize for my actions. I sometimes forget that everyone sees what I do. It was never my intention to hurt ANYBODY in the process of the pregnancy prank. I now know another side of society that I haven’t known that well before because I myself have yet to be a mother. Motherhood is a beautiful thing and precious. I wasn’t trying to come at that part of life what so ever and I’m deeply sorry that my actions hurt some of you. I have learned so much from a lot of you what it’s like to not be able to have children or having a miscarriage and I’m so sorry that any of that has happened to you because no one should know what that feeling is like to not be able to have kids or have a miscarriage. I pray I don’t experience either of those things. I’m learning so much about our culture being in the public eye and your guys feelings matter to me. I was thinking about it all night last night and I never ever meant to hurt any of you. It takes courage for you as well to reach out to me and explain the pain you’ve gone through and I’m so so dearly sorry. I hope you guys know, that I’m not the type of person to poke fun at anyone or any matter. We are only human and we are entitled to our feelings and I STRONGLY stand by that. I love you guys so much you have no idea how much you’re changing my life for the better. Again, I’m internally sorry about the video and for letting some of you down. I hope you can forgive me and if not, that’s okay too. I love you all

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While some fans accepted her apology, others did not because she doubled down on the video twice before acknowledging any wrongdoing on her part.