‘Temptation Island’ Star Evan Smith Deleted His Twitter After Morgan Lolar’s Tell-All Video

Six months after Temptation Island couple Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar broke up, the real estate agent uploaded two YouTube videos exposing her ex for his lies and manipulation. While Smith hasn’t publicly responded yet, he knows of the videos’ existence as he’s deleted his Twitter following the backlash.

Morgan Lolar, Evan Smith on 'Temptation Island'
Morgan Lolar, Evan Smith on ‘Temptation Island’ | Mario Perez

Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar broke up

In late 2018, Los Angeles-based couple Evan Smith and Kaci Campbell went to Temptation Island because she desired a ring, and he wanted to prove himself to her. However, he almost immediately fell for Arlington-based real estate agent, Morgan Lolar.

The two were inseparable, and Smith decided to end his five-year relationship for the 27-year-old. He moved into Lolar’s Virginia-based apartment and proposed to her six months later.

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After living together for a little over a year, the two eventually admitted they parted ways and were no longer getting married. Six months after the couple broke up, Lolar posted two YouTube videos detailing her self-described “abusive” relationship with Smith and why their engagement didn’t last.

Morgan Lolar exposed Evan Smith in tell-all video

In early July 2020, the real estate agent accused her ex-fiancé of being a con artist, manipulator, and narcissist. She claimed he isolated her from her friends and family and continuously gaslit her.

Lolar also said he lied about his entire life when they met during Temptation Island as he insisted he was a multi-millionaire who owned several restaurants.

Therefore, she financially supported him while they lived together, sometimes overspending, because he promised to pay her back with money he would receive from his father’s trust in 2020.

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According to Lolar, his mother called her mom and revealed his lies. However, she didn’t plan on leaving him because they were engaged. Instead, she asked him to get a job, begin paying her back, and attend therapy for compulsive lying.

The real estate agent claims he refused to follow through with her demands as promised and started fights with her and arguing with strangers. A few months later, she reportedly found messages on his phone with his friend, who lives in LA, of Smith plotting to leave her.

Again, Lolar chose to stay, and the two planned on moving to LA to live with his friend together. After selling everything in her apartment, the real estate agent claims Smith tried to steal her engagement ring off her finger as she slept before starting an argument and leaving for LA by himself in late December 2019.

Evan Smith deleted his Twitter after video

Lolar stated she drove across the country by herself in February 2020 as she still wanted to make the relationship work. When she arrived at his friend’s place, she said he made her wait outside for eight hours while he hooked up with a random girl. Currently, the real estate agent and her ex both live in LA but not together as they stay with friends.

Smith has not commented on the video as he’s on a sponsored trip in Cancun with other “influencers.” However, he knows of its existence as he deleted his Twitter after several followers flooded his mentions over Lolar’s accusations.

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Additionally, the 29-year-old “limited” the comments on his Instagram account, only allowing people he mutually follows to write anything under his pictures. It’s unclear when or if Smith will respond and defend himself.

However, he has publicly commented on the situation before in a February Question and Answer and apologized to his ex in an April tweet.