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Temptation Island stars Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith have dated since the show wrapped filming in October 2018. Around March 2019, he proposed, and the couple seemed very happy together.

However, fans noticed trouble in paradise when Lolar wiped all the pictures, including her fiance from her Instagram. She then took to Twitter to accuse Smith of cheating and “playing” her.

Morgan Lolar Evan Smith
Morgan Lolar, Evan Smith | Mario Perez

Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith met on ‘Temptation Island’

Evan Smith and his long-term girlfriend, Kaci Campbell, came to the island to figure out their relationship as Campbell desperately wanted a ring. Even though Smith claimed he wanted to prove to his then-girlfriend that he could resist temptation, he almost immediately fell for Morgan Lolar.

The two got off on the wrong foot, so Smith took her on a date to apologize, and the two formed an undeniable connection. He also chose not to send Campbell a 30-second video and made Lolar his girlfriend on the island, before he ended his ten-year relationship.

Smith left the island with Lolar, and he proposed to her six months after the show. They then moved to her apartment in Virginia, where they seemingly led a happy life until the beginning of 2020.

Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith seemingly broke up

Only a day after the new year, fans noticed that Lolar wiped all her pictures with Smith from her Instagram account, and removed his name from her bio.

She also deleted her Twitter banner image, which included both Temptation Island stars. Additionally, Lolar uploaded a clip from Friends to her Instagram story of a scene showing Ross and Rachel making up after an argument.

She then captioned it, “Too bad real fights don’t end like this.” Lolar also began communicating with Campbell on Twitter, which their followers believe is “a classic sign” that Smith and Lolar are no longer together.

Additionally, Smith has been staying in California while Lolar is still living in Arlington. However, fans were confused because Smith still has pictures with his fiance visible on his Instagram profile, even though he also removed her from his bio, and Lolar recently posted a photo of her engagement ring.

She also responded to people on Twitter and said she is moving to the West Coast with Smith. But, only a few days later, Lolar took to social media to accuse Smith of “playing” her.

Morgan Lolar accused Evan Smith of cheating on her

On January 11, 2020, Lolar tweeted, “Is it ever okay for an ENGAGED man to leave his fiance across the country to ‘work’ but actually has nightly sleepovers with 21 yo Instagram models? Oh, and his phone happens to ‘die’ every night at the same time. I know, I’m a dumb ass, and everyone saw it coming, but me #played.”

Smith’s ex, Kaci Campbell, replied to her post, writing, “You’re not dumb. You were in love and wanted to believe in him.”

Lolar responded, “You already know how I feel about believing him over you from the beginning.”

While some fans felt bad for Lolar and thought she got blindsided, others blamed her for believing Smith would change. Even though Lolar did not officially announce their engagement is over, it can be assumed at this point.