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Long-term couple, Evan Smith and Kaci Campbell, came to Temptation Island to figure out their relationship. Even though Smith wanted to prove his commitment to Campbell, he ended up almost immediately falling for Morgan Lolar.

He ended things with his long-term girlfriend and proposed to Lolar only six months later. However, it looks like there’s trouble in paradise as the real estate agent recently revealed her fiance cheated on her with 21-year-old Instagram models and “played” her. She also admitted she’s “been crying for weeks.”

Morgan Lolar Evan Smith
Morgan Lolar, Evan Smith | Mario Perez

Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith seemingly ended their engagement

On Christmas Eve, Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar participated in an Escape Room, which seems to be the last time they were on good terms. Only a day after the New Year began, fans noticed Morgan Lolar deleted all her pictures on Instagram that included her then-fiance, Evan Smith.

Both Smith and Lolar have removed each other’s names from their bios, even though Smith still has his photos with Lolar visible on his Instagram. She then posted a Friends clip to her Instagram story of Ross and Rachel making up after a fight and captioned it, “Too bad real fights don’t end like this.”

Lolar also began communicating with Smith’s ex, Kaci Campbell, on Twitter in a friendly way, which could be a sign Lolar and her fiance ended their engagement.

Additionally, Smith has been in California for a few weeks now while Lolar is still living in Virginia. However, the real estate agent recently posted pictures of her ring, denied anything happened, and told her followers she was moving to the West Coast where she would join Smith.

Finally, after around a week, she revealed what happened.

Morgan Lolar accused Evan Smith of cheating and ‘playing’ her

In a tweet, Lolar accused her fiance of leaving her to “work” but is having “nightly sleepovers” with 21-year-old Instagram models. She also called herself “a dumb ass” and ended her tweet with #played.

Smith’s ex-girlfriend, Kaci Campbell, responded to her, writing, “You’re not dumb. You were in love and wanted to believe in him.” Lolar replied, “You already know how I feel about believing him over you from the beginning.”

While some fans offered Lolar their condolences, others blamed her for not knowing it would happen as Smith technically cheated on Campbell with the real estate agent.

‘Temptation Island’ Morgan Lolar revealed she’s ‘been crying for weeks’

After tweeting the revelation, Lolar responded to a few fans who offered their support. One follower wrote, “Breaks my heart..I’m hurting with you,” to which Lolar responded, “You have no idea. My heart hurts so badly.”

Another fan said they were “literally going to cry,” and Lolar admitted she had “been crying for weeks.” Therefore, the cheating occurred either around Christmas or New Year, which would make it even harder on Lolar.

However, fans have accused her of “milking” the situation for attention and believe it’s a set-up for another reality show. She has also posted pictures of her ring and explained she’s “packing” up her house to “drive across the country” just last week, so people are confused.

Lolar then clarified that “absolutely nothing” she’s going through “has anything to do with a show” only a couple of days before accusing her fiance of cheating. While no one knows when the cheating took place, or how Lolar found out about it, one can assume their engagement is over.