Tequila Helped Calm Kane Brown’s Nerves While Filming the ‘Like I Love Country Music’ Video

Kane Brown is the country artist behind Different Man, recently performing at the MTV Video Music Awards. He’s also a country fan, mentioning his favorite artists in the 2022 single “Like I Love Country Music.”

What is ‘Like I Love Country Music’ by Kane Brown about?

Kane Brown performs at Tennessee State University for the 2021 American Music Awards
Kane Brown performs at Tennessee State University for the 2021 American Music Awards | Jason Kempin/Getty Images for MRC

Brown is the artist behind “Like I Love Country Music,” released in May 2022. Since its debut, this single has earned over 25 million Spotify plays, with fans sharing their love for the country track, its “old school” sound, and its meaning. 

“Baby, I love you like I love country music,” Brown sings. The lyrics state, “you get me high as Willie,” referencing the country artist Willie Nelson, known for his heavy alcohol and substance use. He continues, singing, “you get me gone as Jones,” which uses slang to reference George Jones’ drug consumption. 

“You turn me on as much as I turn on my radio,” the chorus continues. “Let’s take our time, walk the line / Kinda like Johnny and June did / Yeah, let’s do this / Baby, I love you like I love country music.”

With mentions of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, this song compares Brown’s love for a woman to that of his country music appreciation. As a songwriter himself, this appreciation for country music is extended to the “Like I Love Country Music” video.

Kane Brown was ‘way out of [his] comfort zone’ in the ‘Like I love Country Music’ YouTube video

Complete with a line dancing moment and cowboy hats, the “Like I Love Country Music” video featured Brown as the main character. He appeared onstage as himself, also drinking at a bar and even joining in on the choreography. 

Learning the dance proved challenging — the artist revealed that he was “way out of [his] comfort zone” creating the music video.

“I have an hour with the choreographer today that I have to learn,” Brown said during an interview with ET Online. “I saw the dance. It’s cool, but I was like, ‘An hour?’ I feel like I need more time.”  

 “I brought my tequila with me,” Brown added. “So, should be fun regardless of what it looks like.”

Kane Brown fans react to ‘Like I Love Country Music’ 

Since its premiere on YouTube, this music video earned over 4 million views, making it one of Brown’s most popular releases.

“This song is new but has that old-school country feeling to it. Kane Brown is such a gem to the music industry,” one YouTube comment said, while another YouTube user wrote, “This is the best song to listen to when you’re down, at least for me. I just listened to this song, and I’m feeling great! Thank you, Kane, for such an upbeat song.”

“Like I Love Country Music” and other Brown songs are available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other major streaming platforms. 

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