How Old Are Teresa Giudice’s Daughters? Everything We Know About the Girls Who Have Grown Up on Television

Teresa Giudice is arguably the most well-known cast member to appear on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She has been on the show since its first season, and we’ve seen her four young daughters step into the spotlight for nearly a decade. Despite everything Giudice has been through, there is no doubt she loves her children. How old are these girls now? Here’s what we know about the four Giudice daughters.

Teresa Giudice with her four daughters
Teresa Giudice with her four daughters | Teresa Giudice via Instagram

Gia Giudice, 18, was forced to grow up quickly

Gia is Teresa’s oldest daughter, and she was likely the only daughter mature enough to understand what was happening to her parents during their infamous lawsuit. When Teresa went to jail, Gia was forced to grow up quickly. With no mother in the house, Gia was helping her father take care of her younger sisters. Now that Teresa is back home, Gia has a bit more freedom but still helps her family out where she can; she has also been Teresa’s rock through this whole ordeal. She cheerleads for her high school and is enjoying senior year while touring colleges with her mother. Teresa has not yet said which school her daughter will attend.

Gabriella, 14, isn’t in the spotlight as much as her big sister

Gabriella Giudice doesn’t say much on the television show; she tends to be a bit quieter than some of her sisters. She does have a social media presence, but her Instagram profile is private, which shows she wants to keep her life as shielded from the spotlight as possible. Teresa also doesn’t post as many Instagram photos alone with Gabriella, which may suggest that this middle child doesn’t love the camera the way her other family members do. Teresa also didn’t post a photo of Gabriella on her first day of school, saying the young girl was camera shy. Plus, she’s only 14, so she’s probably still trying to enjoy being a kid.

Milania, 12, recently released an album

Milania has been a spark of energy since the show premiered. She’s always been one to speak her mind, and she definitely has a strong personality. Although she’s only 12, Melania has already found a love for music. She released her first “album” although it doesn’t look like any of her music is available for download. This is probably for the best, since she’s still so young. But she reportedly had Fetty Wap show up at her album release party, so it’s possible this pre-teen has a bright future in music. For now, we’re just enjoying her wild commentary on the show.

Audriana, 9, has been on television since she was born

Audriana is the youngest of the Giudice daughters, and she’s been on television since she was born. Her birth was actually partially filmed for the show. Fans adore this youngest Giudice for her bright, blue eyes, which Teresa tends to showcase on her Instagram. Since Audriana is so young, it’s too early to tell what her personality is like, but we can figure she probably isn’t as full of life as Milania. She seems to lean a bit on the quieter side with Gabriella. Teresa shows off her four daughters as much as possible and often says that everything she does is for them. Some fans have questioned whether Teresa’s parenting skills are the best, but there is no doubting this woman loves all four of her children.

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