Thanks To V, A BTS Episode Of ‘The Simpsons’ Might Happen

BTS V The Simpsons
V From BTS | (Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

BTS might be on vacation, but the members of the group still love interacting with their fans on social media. On Aug. 15, V posted on Weverse, an online community where fans can communicate with their favorite artists. In his post, V asked fans to create fanart of himself as a character from The Simpsons. Fans were quick to post their fanart, and because it’s BTS, the fanart quickly trended on Twitter. It escalated so much, the request caught the attention from a writer on The Simpsons, Al Jean.

V asked BTS fans to draw him and his dog, Yeontan, as characters from ‘The Simpsons’

V has a Pomeranian named Yeontan, and the dog is almost as if not more popular than BTS. On Aug. 15, V posted on Weverse and asked for fans to create fanart of himself and Yeontan as characters from The Simpsons

“Can <someone> draw me as a Simpson, I want to frame it I want to see a V Simpson and I want to see a Tannie simpson too. ARMYs who are good at drawing, if you have time, just once,” he wrote on Weverse. 

The request was so out of the blue, some fans turned the request into a joke. “pay for commissions like everyone else kim taehyung,” joked a Twitter user

“do u know what its like to wake up and immediately see hundreds of bts as simpsons fanart with no context,” joked another

Talented members of BTS ARMY posted photos of their best fanart

After V posted his request, countless BTS fans posted their fanart on Twitter and Weverse. As pictures flooded in, some fans wished for a BTS episode of The Simpsons

“Ok now since tae wished he wanted to be drawn like simpsons, why can’t we actually get animated simpson bts with tannie?,” wrote a fan on Twitter

While some fans only drew V and Yeontan, other fans created fanart with all of the BTS members. As the pictures spread throughout Twitter, the whole movement trended. It seems everything BTS and their fans are affiliated with trends on social media. 

Al Jean from ‘The Simpsons’ noticed the fanart

Al Jean is a screenwriter and producer known for his work on The Simpsons. He is part of the original writing staff for the show, and he worked on The Simpsons Movie in 2007. After the fanart caught his attention, Jean tweeted at BTS ARMY and The Simpsons

“.@TheSimpsons attention BTS Army no guarantee but I will try,” he wrote on Twitter

The tweet received several thousand likes and retweets. BTS fans also filled the replies with messages expressing their thanks to Jean.  

“Omg, thank you so much!! We’re really thankful in advance!,” wrote an ARMY

“Thank you so much for being open minded Armys send to Mister @AlJean some thread of @BTS_twt fan art as The Simpsons There are so many good army artists out there,” another wrote

While there is no guarantee a BTS appearance on The Simpsons will happen, it’s pretty impressive Al Jean noticed. BTS has one of the most global and expansive fandoms in the world. Oftentimes, the products BTS uses sell out within minutes. Even though the fanart started as a simple request on Weverse, it’s no surprise the fanart escalated to an international scale.