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It’s no secret that the Kardashians live very luxurious lifestyles. They are some of the richest celebrities around, which means that they have privileges that most average people can only dream of.

While the Kardashians do often get judged on many different aspects of their lives, the family has one expensive privilege that seems to get the most criticism from fans. Read on below to find out what it is and why fans get so critical of the Kardashians when it comes to this subject.

Fans wonder why the Kardashians are not usually open about having nannies

The Kardashians on the red carpet
Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kim Kardashian West | Amy Sussman/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank

The Kardashian sisters who have children are busy women who run their own businesses while also trying to maintain their household. As such, it is not surprising that they have hired nannies to help them take care of their kids.

However, a number of onlookers are annoyed at the fact that the Kardashians often do not acknowledge that they have people to assist them with their day-to-day activities. Instead, the Kardashian sisters usually try to project an image of them being mothers who do it all by themselves.

“I don’t get why nannies are so taboo,” one person said on Reddit. “Embrace the fact that you can have help. You’re not superwoman. They’re so busy, why not have someone to help?!”

How many nannies do the Kardashians have?

The Kardashians are not usually open about having nannies, and many people who work for them also sign non-disclosure agreements. As such, the exact number of nannies that each sister has is not known.

However, the consensus among fans seems to be that every Kardashian has hired help at home.

Kim Kardashian, for example, was said to have three nannies when she only had three kids. Now that she has a fourth child, she may have hired another nanny to take care of her family.

According to a report from Radar Online, back when Kardashian only had three nannies, she spent anywhere from “$50-100,000 in monthly bills” related to them. This number likely has increased since then.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Kardashians also have nannies, though sources have said that they still try to be hands-on parents regardless.

One insider told People that Khloé Kardashian likes to have someone who is experienced around, but she tries to do most of the work when it comes to her daughter.

Some celebrities are open about having help

The Kardashians might be very secretive about having nannies, but not all celebrities are the same way.

Chrissy Teigen is one person who has been very open about having help around her home. She has created a brand out of being real about her life as a celebrity.

When someone asked Teigen in a Twitter Q&A about how many nannies her family has, she shared that there are “4 incredible people” who “rotate and stay through the night.”

In an interview in 2017, Teigen also revealed that she does not want to pretend like she does everything by herself.

She said: “My mom lives with us. I have hair and makeup people. I’m not getting up and doing all this by myself. If I’m not being done for something, I’m not going anywhere. A lot of hands go into it. We have help. It’s important for people to know that.”

Another celebrity who has acknowledged the help she receives from her nanny is Amy Poehler. She once gave a speech to thank the two nannies who help her raise her sons.

Meanwhile, Anna Friel also said in one interview that the nannies she hired have “given me everything” and allowed her to do her demanding work as an actress.