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Kendall Jenner‘s fame and fortunes are no secret. The 24-year-old celebrity’s journey first began with the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The reality TV show follows Jenner and her family as they go about their daily life, however, it quickly became apparent that Jenner had an agenda beyond filming for the E! show.

Jenner began to pursue her modeling career by modeling for Forever 21 at the age of 14. From there, she was able to participate in shoots for Teen Vogue, GQ, and many more established publications. Collaborating with her sister Kylie Jenner, Jenner helped design and create Topshop, a popular clothing line. Jenner has succeeded in making a name for herself.

With all of her recognition and accomplishments, it is surprising that followers and fans are beginning to question her intentions and actions.

Her social media accounts seem to be the sources of the recent backlash. Some people are even going as far as to call her a narcissist. Take a look at the posts below to see what everyone is talking about.

Kendall Jenner’s Instagram posts don’t always make sense

Kendall Jenner on the runway
Kendall Jenner | Estrop/Getty Images

Jenner’s Instagram account has reached a record high of followers. Since she first created her account she has shared 3,085 posts and gained over 120 million followers, but lately, the support of Jenner has been slightly shifting. Her most recent holiday post is definitely causing a lot of speculation.

The post is a video of Jenner providing different angles of her face while slightly zooming in. The content paired with the caption “video proof” has caused people to reflect on what exactly the message was that Jenner intended for her followers.

Kendall Jenner’s repeat posts

Another photo Jenner shared only a few weeks ago with the caption “remember this?” showed her casually posing while wearing an intimate set.

The relatively recent photo didn’t seem old enough to enter the forgetful territory, which once again caused people to question her intentions. A different post depicting Jenner as a “forest fairy” triggered comments from followers and individuals who are tired of her trying to pull off “high fashion” and dominating the spotlight in ways she isn’t equipped to.

These recent discussions have implicated Jenner of harboring narcissistic tendencies, and one look at her Instagram will show why.

Kendall Jenner only uses Twitter for 1 specific purpose

It only makes sense for Jenner to want to support her products, but there is a big difference between support and forceful obsession. Her Twitter account is flooded with posts encouraging followers to buy Jenner’s lip product Moon. Her influencer status does not go unnoticed.

From the products she promotes to trailers and comments about Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it doesn’t seem like Jenner is a fan of tweeting or retweeting things that don’t have to do with her or her family.

From outfit recaps to photoshoots, if Jenner’s name was in the headline, history shows she will be sure to share it as well. Which, in one way, it does make sense, but, on another note, it highlights the narcissistic vibes people have been wondering about.

Despite Jenner’s personal opinions and views of social media, that has not stopped her or slowed her down from using it.

Many people have been put-off by Jenner’s posts as of late. Some think her tone and content are indirectly showcasing a less than flattering and large ego. One comment in a thread even accused Jenner of acting like she is a gift to the world.

The recent controversial conjecture is causing fans and media to question Jenner and her personality. Regardless of how Jenner is intending to come across, her Instagram posts and tweets don’t always show a humble side.