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Hollywood celebrities will go to great lengths to maintain their enviable figures — after all, looking good is part of their job description. It seems like every day there’s another actress peddling diet pills or swearing by two week cleanses where they don’t eat anything at all.

One A-lister who never gains weight is former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. She may have birthed four children, but Beckham looks just as trim as she did back in her “Spice Up Your Life” days. How does she stay fit with her hectic lifestyle as a working mom? It turns out she has one very strange snack habit that helps burn extra calories.

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham | Gisela Schober/Getty Images

She wakes up with apple cider vinegar

So many celebrities forgo coffee first thing in the morning in favor of a healthier option. In Beckham’s case, that means her daily dose of apple cider vinegar. “Be brave! Two tbsp first thing on an empty tummy!” she shared to Instagram.

Post ACV shot, Beckham enjoys some sprouted grain cereal topped with unsweetened, organic almond milk. She also preps herself and her family healthy green smoothies with apple, kiwi, lemon, spinach, broccoli, and chia seeds.  

Beckham enjoys eating healthy foods

As Beckham explained to The Times (via Harper’s Bazaar), clean eating isn’t that hard because she loves healthy foods and has the money to buy them.

“I enjoy eating healthily,” she said during the interview. “And I’m in the fortunate position where it’s easy for me. I can afford to eat well.”

For her, that means forgoing milk and cheese and eating lots of green vegetables, fish, and sushi, one of her favorites. She also swears by a very peculiar snack habit.

She snacks on seaweed

Even the strictest dieter might feel tummy rumblings in between meals, and Beckham is no exception. But instead of reaching for a granola bar to quell the hunger, she chooses to eat like a mermaid.

Beckham admitted to eating bladderwrack to stay thin. This seafood plant enjoyed a surge of popularity a few years ago since so many celebs were eating it as part of their diets. It’s considered a slimming superfood because the excess levels of iodine help you burn calories.

Bladderwrack is blended up as a shake or can be made into a tea to drink.

Beckham also maintains a rigorous workout regimen

When she’s not nibbling on broccoli or sipping seaweed smoothies, Beckham spends a lot of time toning every inch of her body. She starts by rising at 6 a.m. to start her day.

“I go for a three mile run every morning and I work out for an hour with a PT, which gives me just enough time to get to the kitchen to puree Romeo’s avocados,” she dished to Vogue Netherlands (via Harper’s Bazaar).

And her discipline to fitness is admirable. Often, Beckham works out multiple times per day, every day of the week. She told The Times that she works out before taking the kids to school, then does another workout right after.

“I’m very disciplined, I have to be,” she said. “It’s really the only time in the day I get to myself.”

Between the workouts and the seaweed, it’s quite obvious how Beckham is still so fit four kids later!