The 1 Weird Thing Patrick Mahomes Insisted on Having In the House He Shares with Brittany Matthews

There’s something about Patrick Mahomes’s relationship with childhood girlfriend Brittany Matthews that makes fans love him even more. The superstar Chiefs quarterback is the hottest player in the NFL right now and could probably have his pick of anyone or play the field like some of his other teammates. But instead, Mahomes settled in and put down roots with Matthews when the two purchased their first home in Kansas City.

This adorable couple started dating after meeting at Whitehouse High School in East Texas. Like her QB beau, Matthews is a professional athlete who launched her own personal training business. The pair both agreed they’d like to stay in Kansas City for “20 years plus,” which is why they moved on from renting to homeownership.

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews
Patrick Mahomes II and Brittany Matthews | Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Verizon)

The couple was eager to make their mark on their first place

Before selecting the home they were planning to stay in for decades, the couple was used to rentals where everything felt temporary. That’s why they were so ecstatic to put their personal touches on their first house together.

“Renting a house wasn’t for us,” Mahomes explained during a video tour of their house. “We wanted our own place…Just being able to nail stuff into the wall and not have to get, like, the sticky tabs—like, you can do whatever you want with the home,” he continued.

Patrick Mahomes let Brittany Matthews decorate the whole house

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews at home

The couple hired an interior decorator to help with some of the big design decisions. For the most part, Mahomes let Matthews and their decorator pick everything out for the décor.

“I was the yes man, so I just kinda went and just said, ‘Yes,’” Mahomes said of the process. “Like, ‘It’s fine,’ no matter what they picked ‘cause I just trusted in them.”

The finished product is a neutral palette of creams and modern furniture that still looks comfortable and cozy. But there is one unique item in the home that the Chiefs MVP insisted on having.

He chose a very unique art piece for the wall

Mahomes must have some eclectic taste in art, because the only thing he insisted on having was a surprising statement piece over the fireplace.

“So I basically got one thing, and it was, like, a baby, with like, tattoos that we have hanging up over the family room,” Mahomes explained during the home tour. “Everywhere else is completely Marci [the interior designer] and Brittany.”

While Mahomes is describing the art, Matthews shakes her head and makes a face, which could indicate she’s not a huge fan of the avant-garde piece. To be fair, the canvas costs less than $100.

Mahomes also has an impressive shoe room

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One other design feature Mahomes requested was a proper place to display his impressive sneaker collection. The home tour included a look at the expansive space with lighted display shelves highlighting all the QB’s beloved kicks.

“I literally wanted this [a shoe room] my whole life,” Mahomes said. “So this is big for me.”

With a multi-million dollar contract and some of his best football years ahead of him, it seems reasonable enough for Mahomes to get some one-of-a-kind art and a dedicated shoe room.