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Brandy and Monica’s historic Verzuz battle is upon us, and it’s sure to be one for the books. The two have had a rocky relationship since their duet “The Boy is Mine” in 1998 and have feuded and made up a number of times. In the years since, they each have built successful solo careers for themselves that have sparked many hit singles and albums.

To prepare for tonight’s Verzuz battle, we’re taking a look back at some of Brandy’s best music videos.

‘Have You Ever?’

In this heartfelt ballad, Brandy sings about needing someone to love, and the heartbreak that comes with being apart from that someone. Every look she wears is gorgeous.

‘U Don’t Know Me (Like U Used To)’

Brandy, wearing her best black latex top and pants, serves as she struts down the sidewalk in this Matrix-themed video. Check out the remix video with ’90s female rappers Da Brat and Shaunta.

‘Full Moon’

Brandy was six months pregnant at the time the “Full Moon” video was filmed in 2002, and she glowed just like the moon in the music video.

‘Right Here (Departed)’

Inspired by the Will Smith flick I Am Legend, the music video for “Right Here (Departed)” is all about overcoming all the obstacles that life throws our way and still coming out on top. It feels especially pertinent today as the world continues to face so many seemingly impossible struggles.

‘I Wanna Be Down’

Brandy was first introduced to the world as a tomboy who just wants to be down with the guys. The music video for “I Wanna Be Down,” released in 1994, tells that story.

‘I Wanna Be Down’ Remix

The video for the remix of “I Wanna Be Down” features an all-star lineup of some of the hottest female rappers of the ’90s: MC Lyte, Yo-Yo, and of course, Queen Latifah.

‘It All Belongs to Me’

Brandy and Monica’s first time collaborating since their feud after “The Boy Is Mine,” “It All Belongs to Me” has the two taking control of their narrative, and showing that, at least at the time, the two had squashed their beef.

‘Beggin & Pleadin’

Beggin & Pleadin” was the first song Brandy released on her own record label Slayana Records, and much like the old-school blues sample in the song, the video for “Beggin & Pleadin” takes fans into the world of an old-schol jazz club.

‘Talk About Our Love’

Talk About Our Love” was written by Kanye West, who was a newbie rapper when the song was released in 2004. In addition to conceptualizing the video, West stars as Brandy’s love interest.

‘The Boy Is Mine’

They reportedly never even spoke to each other on set, but the energy between Brandy and Monica in the “The Boy Is Mine” video is electric — along with the boy they’re both after. Everything about the video is so ’90s, but that’s what ironically keeps it timeless.


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