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Clark and her Skakikru are back for the seventh and final season of The 100, which premieres on May 19 on the CW. But if you forgot what happened, here’s a quick recap of Season 6 before you dive into Season 7.

 Bob Morley as Bellamy and Eliza Taylor as Clarke  in 'The 100'
Bob Morley as Bellamy and Eliza Taylor as Clarke in ‘The 100’ | The CW

‘The 100’ crew heads to a new planet

Season 6 of The 100 opens with Clark (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) back on a space ship with their team. After they all go into cryo-sleep, Monty (Christopher Larkin) sets them on a course to a new habitable planet called Alpha. Monty and Harper (Chelsey Reist) don’t go into cryo-sleep and die of old age. But they leave their son, Jordan (Shannon Kook) on the ship to tell the crew what happened when they wake up.

Upon reaching the planet, the group heads down to explore. On their first night on the planet, they’re chased by killer bugs. As they flee, Miles (Jordan Bolger), who was in a relationship with Raven (Lindsey Morgan), is killed by a nearby radiation field. 

They all head toward a human colony on the planet but find that it’s deserted. During the eclipse takes place, Clark realizes that it has a psychotic effect on everyone. When the eclipse is over, the colony’s leader, Russell Lightbourne (JR Bourne), emerges with his colonists. 

The group encounters the inhabitants of Alpha

They call the colony Sanctum, and Russell reveals that they all go into lockdown during eclipses. He also reveals that all the colony leaders, aka the Primes, have taken the names of the original settlers, even though they passed generations ago. The colonists idolize the primes, but the rogue group, the Children of Gabriel, want to see all the Primes dead.

After the Children of Gabriel attack the group, Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) slaughters many of their men and is then banished by Bellamy. When goes after one of the rogue colonists, she is cut. Russell sees her black blood he reveals that this is a requirement to become a Prime of the colony. 

Russell and the other Sanctum leaders allow Clarkes and her crew to stay in their colony, but because of Diyoza’s (Ivana Milicevic) criminal past, they tell her to leave. But other members of Sanctum strike a deal with Dioyoza In exchange for killing Gabriel, they’ll let her and her coming newborn stay in the colony. So, Diyoza then joins forces with Octavia to further her chances of defeating Gabriel.

Clarke becomes Josephine on Season 6, Episode 4 of ‘The 100’

On Season 6, Episode 4 of The 100, Clarke hooks up with one of the Sanctum colonists, who turns out to be a Children of Gabriel member. After he paralyzes Clarke with a dart and then kills himself, Russell takes Clarke in to undo the effects of the paralysis. 

But instead of saving Clarke, Russell puts his dead daughter, Josephine’s hard drive consciousness into her head. She wakes up as Josephine Lightbourne and tries to infiltrate Skaikru’s group and figure out what they know. 

Jordan and the rest of the crew discover that Russell and the rest of the Primes have been coming back to life one generation after another by inserting their mind chips into night-blooded hosts. Josephine recruits Murphey (Richard Harmon) to tell him about Clarke and promises to make him a Prime.

Just when Bellamy thinks that Clarke is gone, Josephine unknowingly taps morse code indicating Clarke is alive. Along with Emori (Luisa D’Oliveira), the group lures Josephine out of Sanctum and attempt to find Gabriel so he can cure her. But when Madi (Imogen Griffin) finds out that Clarke is gone, she sees a dark program called Sheidheda, and begins killing all the Primes. 

Octavia defeats her inner evil and Marcus floats himself

Gabriel (Chuku Modu) reveals that he and Josephine were lovers when they first arrived on the planet. He was a Prime but felt guilty about taking over people’s bodies. So, he created the Children of Gabriel to stop the practice.

When Octavia and Diyoza encounter Gabriel, he tells him the truth about the Primes. Then during a temporal storm, Octavia and Diyoza enter a green energy field. Diyoza never emerges, but Octavia comes out with memory loss. Gabriel gives her medicine which makes her hallucinate. In her mind, Octavia battles Blodreina, and wins.

Meanwhile, Abby (Paige Turco) has been trying to save Marcus (Henry Ian Cusick) on the ship. But when Josephine comes to see her, pretending to be Clarke, Abby reveals that she knows how to make night blood. In exchange for a new body host for Marcus, Abby gives the Primes the recipe for night blood. 

Marcus reawakens in a new body (Greyston Holt). But when he realizes how he’s been resurrected, he finds Indra, steals the night blood, and then floats himself off the ship.  

Clark comes back on Season 5, Episode 8 of ‘The 100’

On Season 5, Episode 8 of The 100, Bellamy finally gets Josephine to Gabriel, who is able to take her mind drive out. However, it takes Bellamy’s love and a hard punch for Clarke to win her mind back from Josephine.

Clarke then goes back to Sanctum under the guise of Josephine. When she gets there, she discovers that Russel is draining Madi’s bone marrow to make more night blood. Abby makes herself night blood and tells him to drain her instead. Russell then puts his wife’s drive into Abby turning her into Simone Lightborne. 

What happens in the final episode of ‘The 100’ Season 6

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Eventually, Murphy and Emori, who are pretending to be Primes, help their friends escape the Sanctum colonists after Russell releases an eclipse toxin in the crowd. But when Russell and Simone make it up to the ship, they decide to take it, and everyone on board to a new planet. 

Clarke points a gun at them and reveals she’s not Josephine anymore. She then floats Simone and the rest of the Primes. 

When Clarke threatens to kill herself to save Madi from Sheidheda, Madi snaps out of it. The flame is taken out of her head, but not before the dark program takes over the ship’s computer system.

The crew comes back down to the planet, where Gabriel discovers that Octavia’s back has markings that resemble a sphere he found. They go to the sphere and activate it, which causes a green flare to take over the area. Diyoza’s daughter Hope shows up all grown up and stabs Octavia before both disappear. 

It’s unclear where Octavia went, and what this green energy field is. The Season 7 trailer hints that the premiere episode will uncover the mystery, just as it catches up with Clarke and Bellamy on the strange planet.