‘The 100’: Is Bellamy Really Dead? — Fans Aren’t So Sure

The 100 is nearing the middle of its final season, and it has been a different season than past ones. This is because one of the main stars, Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley), has barely been on it. The reason Bellamy is getting less screen time in Season 7 has already been reported on, but it is unclear how the hit show on The CW plans to end his story.

Bob Morley (Bellamy) 'The 100'
Bob Morley, who plays Bellamy on ‘The 100’ speaks onstage at Comic-Con International 2017. | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

In recent episodes, fans have been led to believe that Bellamy is dead. It, however, happened so quickly, that many are wondering if that is actually the case. Some fans have their own theories. 

It appears that Bellamy has died on ‘The 100’

After appearing in the first episode of Season 7, Bellamy had not been seen again through Episode 4. No one really knows where he was or what happened to him, but he finally made another appearance in the Episode 5, as noted in Entertainment Weekly

When Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) went to the Anomaly Stone in Bardo, Bellamy was there with a knife to someone’s throat. However, moments later, one person wearing a mask set off a bomb. Fog from the bomb then cleared, and Bellamy was gone.

'The 100' - Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley
‘The 100’ – Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley | The CW

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That scene alone seemed to be a blatant attempt at making fans believe that Bellamy is dead. However, when Echo (Tasya Teles) later freaked out after watching a video of the incident, it became even more clear that the show does, in fact, want fans to believe that he is gone. 

Then in Episode 6, Octavia said it herself while talking to Diyoza (Ivana Milicevic) that Bellamy is dead. 

So, is he really dead? In the past, the show has killed off some major characters, but their deaths have been more powerful moments. The scene in Episode 5 was very quick and did not seem like a real goodbye that fans expect to give to one of their favorite characters. 

‘The 100’ fans don’t think Bellamy is really dead

With Bellamy playing such a significant role in the show since Season 1, fans aren’t buying the idea that he is actually dead. 

One Reddit user said, “Did he actually die in the flash blast or are we in for some treat later in the episodes? I really wish he survives!” 

Bob Morley as Bellamy and Eliza Taylor as Clarke in 'The 100'
Bob Morley as Bellamy and Eliza Taylor as Clarke in ‘The 100’ | The CW

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In response, another user said, “There is no way they killed off their male lead just like that.”

Additionally, one Reddit user doesn’t like the idea of the bomb being the way that Bellamy dies, “And if he is dead that would be like the worst way for a character to go out. People complain about Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) but hey at least they had plenty of screen time before. I [don’t know]. We’ll see.”

One user then answered the question by giving a theory — that Bellamy is stuck on the bridge, also known as the anomaly. Other fans gave their theories on Reddit too, and many seem to believe that Bellamy is not actually gone. 

Why is Bob Morley getting less screen time in Season 7?

Fans of The 100 are seeing a lot less of Bellamy in Season 7. It is actually for personal reasons on Morley’s part, showrunner Jason Rothenberg revealed to E! News

“I don’t want to say too much about where that story goes,” Rothenberg said to E! News. “What I will say is that Bob chose to take some time off this season, and I know that he was grateful that the studio was able to work out a storyline that enabled him to do that.”

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He also said that they luckily had time to “craft a story with all the twists and turns that our fans have come to expect, and most importantly I think the big emotionality that our fans have come to expect in the past seven seasons.”

So, is Morley’s character actually dead? Fans can watch the final season of The 100 Wednesday nights on The CW.